Detroit Hummer Drink


Have you ever been to Detroit and tried the Hummer? It is a drink made with Kahlua, ice cream, rum, ice and topped with whipped cream and a cherry on top. According to this boozy drink was created by Jerome Adams in 1968 at Detroit’s Bayview Yacht Club. The Hummer has become legendary among the sailing set but it is also a Michigan staple inland, where it is served in plastic party cups in backyards around the state. In fancier restaurants it is served in wine glasses and topped with whipped cream.

My dear blogging friend Linda told me about this delicious drink. Check out her blog by clicking her name.




Optional whipped cream and a cherry.



In a blender add the Kahlua,

rum, ice cream and ice.



Blend until smooth



Pour into a wine glass.

Optional: Top with whipped

cream and a cherry then serve.


Detroit Hummer Drink



  • 1½ ounce white rum
  • 1½ ounce Kahlua
  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 2 ice cubes
  • whipped cream, optional
  • maraschino cherry, optional


  1. In a blender add the rum, Kahlua, ice cream and ice.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour into a wine glass.
  4. Optional: Top with whipped cream and a cherry and serve.


  1. This looks good, but not being a drinker (I fall asleep!) . . .Do you drink it or use a spoon? It looks good enough that I might spoon up a bit of it to taste!

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Thank you for the shout out Diane … this looks delicious and it has been years since I sipped one – in fact the infamous tablecloth incident I told you about was likely the last time. I should write a post about it and link to here so they can see how to make one. So was it everything you anticipated (and more?) P.S. – I am having some problems with WordPress today. I did a post this morning and it has not showed up in Reader for some reason – the Happiness Engineers are working on the problem … maybe I need a Hummer in the meantime. 🙂

    • Oh yes it was delicious!!!! You should do a post about it. I have been seeing other posts about WP problems from others. Hope they get it fixed soon. Have a great weekend Linda!

      • I’ll have to figure out how I can wiggle it into a post somehow – it sure did look delicious and wasn’t I right that it tastes like dessert? I am doing another post for Tuesday about the same day I walked and had multiple problems yesterday while drafting it and other bloggers said yesterday’s post did not show up in Reader.

      • Yes it was definitely like a dessert! I can’t believe they haven’t fixed things for you yet! I am a week behind in my comments because in the last two weeks I have had surgery on both eyes then two days after the last surgery I caught the flu. I have been flat on my back since Thursday and so sick. My grandson started it and this is the first year in a long time I haven’t had the flu shot…ugh! However, my hubby had the shot and got really sick too but it isn’t lasting as long.

      • Sorry to hear that Diane – you thought since you weren’t working you would not need it? I know you’d be tempted to do that, but kids pick up germs as they aren’t good about keeping their hands away from their face and the grandkids are with you a lot – sigh. Hope your eyes are better as well – what a week you had – take care of yourself. It is still not too late to get a flu shot – as soon as you recover, go for it.

      • Yes, “the crud” is going around – load up on clementines and apples – they will help prevent another bout of the flu or a bad cold.

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