Cooking with Cast Iron Pans


Do you have a cast iron pan sitting in your cupboard you never use? Do you think all you can do is fry in your Cast Iron Pans? Think again! Check out some of my cast iron pans and the foods I have made using them. The picture above is a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. One batch of cookie dough in one pan and baked in the oven.


This is the same pan but I made Pineapple Upside Down Cake in it.


This is my cute little one burger cast iron frying pan! I use it for anything small like one egg, one burger, one piece of chicken etc.

These are the pans I use for corn Bread. The corn shaped one was given to me by my mother. The round one is the same pan I used for the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I bought the triangle-shaped pan in Amish country but Cracker Barrel sells them too.

Most of my other pans I found at garage sales. I completely stripped them and reseasoned them. I bought all of the pans on the left from a gal who was selling them after her grandma passed away for……$15.00!!!!!!! The pans on the right are after I reseasoned some of them. They are just like new again!

Cast Iron pans last forever unless they crack. If they crack I would throw them away. Some people refuse to give up their cracked pans and even try to weld them but for me, I would pitch them.

As you can see, I have a lot of cast iron pans. These are not all of them. I love the way they cook my food. Cast iron heats evenly all over the pan which means no hot and cold spots giving you the perfectly cooked food every time.

So if you ever come across one at a garage sale or even want to spend the money on a new one (they are expensive) pick one up and see why I like them so much.


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  1. Oh I’m loving this. My husband and I want to get more . And I am so happy to see all these examples. When he gets back from restoring power and help with storm damage in irma. I’m having him read too lol

    • God Bless him! My parents are suppose to be right in the eye. They have an older home and no shutters and didn’t board them up either. I am walking on egg shells! They refused to leave and are late 70’s early 80’s!

      • Thank you. They were in the storm and not much sleep. I think he said they are headed near Tampa. But it’s been horrible and continued prayers for all. I treasure just that moment of cell service . Hope your parents are well ❤

  2. We hunt for old cast iron pans whenever we are out and about and use them all the time. We fry in them but never thought about baking before now. Do you have a recipe on how to do the upside down cake in one?
    We love the added bonus of iron intake for your health too!

  3. me again…. 🙂
    and super glad to read this post because I have been feeling convicted about using my aluminum set. It is heavy duty (Calphalon – gift from in-laws) and well, the healthiest cookware is supposed to be this iron … and my older son ( a health nut) has been using it in college for three years.
    anyhow, you totally scored on the 15$ lot.
    and so cool that she found someone who valued her family’s stuff.
    we have some iron stuff just sitting (like a nice griddle) and I need to season and use it more….

      • yeah – i never knew about the bread – and it makes sense.
        I will keep you posted on my using – but I think I need to make the switch.
        and side note here – the thrift stores in our area – and flea markets – usually charge way too much for their iron skillets – crazy high

      • I see them in our area for about $10 per large frying pan. Garage sales are definitely the way to go but you have to be really lucky because they disappear fast! This gal posted a picture of them on an on line garage sale site I followed. I was lucky enough to respond first!

  4. So much fantastic for being a wise by choosing these types of pans. It looks old but after you managed it, it really looks new again. Very good job! Btw, this type of pans is original and good for cooking use, i think it is tefal brand. 👍

  5. Dianne we are a lot alike . I will leave the messages in this first thread that I read . What a fantastic blog . We love cast iron . We love food , I use my cast on my bbq. all the time. Most of our cast are 100 yrs old . Very well seasoned.

  6. I found 3 cast iron pans ranging in different sizes while lookingat an apt you rentI asked if I could have them they said yes took them home reseasoned them and oh what a joy. Those pans cost anywhere from$40-$120 per pan or pot but they are absolutely with it

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