Quesadilla Maker


This is another one of our kitchen gadgets that we love! It is the Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker. Have you ever tried one of these? Tell me what you think of it.

My husband received this as a gift quite a few years ago. He uses it to make his quesadillas when I am out to eat with a client. I use it to make fruit pies….the recipe is in the pie categories.

This is very easy to use, it cooks evenly and it cooks both sides at the same time leaving a nice golden brown on the tortilla. We have never burnt a tortilla on it and the best part is that it crimps the tortilla into 6 individual pieces.

It has a Teflon coating so make sure you use a plastic spatula to loosen the tortilla, if needed, and then just slide it right off. A simple cut with a knife separates the pieces for an easy way to eat them. Clean up is very easy. When this breaks we will be buying another one.


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