Mike & Ania

Todays blog is one of pride and excitement. Meet my son and his wife, Mike and Ania! After 2 days of constant rain and flooding, they stayed upbeat and we all enjoyed an amazing wedding! We went to a Mexican Restaurant on Thursday, after the rehearsal, for dinner. Below is a few pictures of some of the food from that restaurant. The food was very good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The (younger) wedding party sat all together and we (older) had the honor of sitting with Ania’s wonderful parents. They invited us back to their house for a drink afterwards and now we know why Ania turned out to be the beautiful person she is, inside and out.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful as well. Listening to their wedding vows makes me so excited to think about the future they will have together. Even though it had been raining for two days straight, once the ceremony ending the rain stopped just long enough to take pictures out on a bridge over water. The reception was so much fun. The centerpieces on the tables were gorgeous, made of long white ostrich feathers and white balls of flowers. Every centerpiece was lit by a spot light in white. The rest of the rooms were lit in different colors that changed through out the night. Dancing was at it’s best and the dancing never stopped until the music did! From the lips of one proud Mom, congratulations Mike and Ania!

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Congratulations to your family and to your son and new daughter!

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