Pasta Salad

I just love this Pasta Salad. You can add so many different food ingredients making it different every time, this is my favorite way. It takes a little time to prepare, however it is perfect for any type of get together or meal. Prepare the salad the day before you need it and leave the Italian dressing out until about an hour before you serve it.

Pasta Salad



2-12 oz boxes tri-colored rotini pasta

1/2# salami

3 cups cherry or grape tomatoes

5 oz pepperoni chunk

1/2# cheese chunk

1 can small black olives

16 oz bottle Italian dressing


Cook pasta according to directions on package and drain. Cut salami into small pieces. Cut tomatoes in half. Cut pepperoni into bite size pieces. Cut cheese into small cubes. Cut black olives in half. Gently mix together in a large bowl. Pour Italian dressing over top and gently mix until everything is coated and serve.


Categories: Pasta, Salad/Dressings

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