Solar Power

I love how this turned out! My husband and granddaughter hung solar lights for me in our cabana. Our 11 year old granddaughter wanted to use the drill and do one side all by herself (with my husbands guidance of course) and she did a great job! It has a soft glow and it is very romantic sitting in it at night.

If you’re wondering what the silver things are, they spin with the wind to scare the birds away. Last year we didn’t have one birds nest. This year a robin figured out she could fly under them and get in. We take down her nest building 1-2 times a day. I don’t want her to lay eggs and if we let her finish her nest, we won’t be able to use the cabana and bird poop will be all over it. With all of the trees we have, you would think she would give up and find another spot to build her nest.

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  1. The birds are persistent. Every year a bird tries to build a nest on the flood light by our back door. I have repeatedly take down the beginning of the nest. After a handful of days, they build elsewhere.

    • Mine robin hasn’t learned that yet. It is the perfect spot, out of the wind and rain and hidden from predators. We are still removing a nest almost every day. I would think she is past laying eggs by now.

  2. Diane, this is very pretty. The perfect place for a festive gathering. I just thought the spinners were more festive, summer decor. I love how the lights are solar, but where is the little part that sits in the sun?

    • Thank you Betty. The solar panels are connect to a 6 foot cord and we attached them to the outside corner beams of the cabana. One panel faces east and the other panel south. They only need 6 hours of sunlight to fully charge.

  3. You’re absolutely right Diane, it certainly looks romantic! And it seems your granddaughter is handy, not just in the kitchen, but also outside in the garden!

  4. How lovely, and inviting, Diane! And your dear g’daughter helped—way to go! Funny Robin—gotta admire her tenacity. 😂

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

    • Thank you Mitzy, I go out to sit in it almost every night. My granddaughter was so proud and worked until the entire set was up and it’s hard working over your head. My robin is still coming, removed another nest tonight. She’s going to get egg bound before long. I don’t know why she can’t make a nest in one of the hundred trees around us.

  5. I love this! I really like this idea as we are looking to build something similar by the lake.

  6. Nevertheless, if i were a bird I would want a nest there too. It’s new, clean, well-lit with a nice view, and besides, if I were in a tree how would I know when you bring out some delicious dessert for me to steal?

    • My dear friend is a photographer and she asked to use our yard for pre-wedding pictures with the entire wedding party, but no weddings yet. Thank you❤️

  7. I really like the solar lights. They give a nice soft light outside and can last for years. Your granddaughter did a nice job on it. Oh. I guess your husband helped a little too.

    • Hahaha His arms were so tired after reaching up over his head for one side. My granddaughter asked me if she could use the drill and I let her drill one hole. When she asked to do the rest he definitely didn’t mind. Lol

  8. It looks so pretty Diane. How do the ones underneath get the solar power? I have a robin and a couple of sparrows doing the same thing under my overhang off the garage. That is where we sit when we are outside. I take them down every day and they keep building. I asked the same question. When will they give up and build elsewhere?

  9. It looks beautiful! It would be so nice to sit and enjoy that at night 😃 Birds can be very persistent lol Good luck getting her to build elsewhere!

  10. Lovely cabana and the lights look great!
    Also / birds can be Such a joy but also such a bother – and you safe right about the bird poop and how their nesting would make things very difficult

  11. Awn, that looks beautiful indeed. Some kids are just ingenious. Birds can sometimes be pesky, i tell you. I’ve seen it. When they’ve identified a place to reside, however much you try to send ’em away, they still come back.

  12. Those pesky birds are usually very determined and the second problem is, once they succeed, they return every year after. So sweet your granddaughter helped with the lighting.

  13. I guess your robin knows quality housing when she sees it! Your cabana looks beautiful with the lights. Kudos to your granddaughter. I have trouble putting screws in with a power drill.

  14. It looks beautiful, such a nice spot to sit and enjoy the evenings. I hear you about the birds, why are they so stubborn? There is a robin that persists in trying to build a next on top of our outdoor light by our front door, she comes every year!

    • When I had lights like that I blew up a cheap ballon and wedged it behind my light where they were building the nest, stopped them in their tracks. Thank you so much!

    • It is a soft glow and only lights the cabana. I didn’t want anything too bright or it would attract too many bugs. Hopefully it won’t but I will find out soon. Lol Thank you Linda

      • Hope you don’t attract bugs Diane … they used to have yellow lights you could buy to keep bugs away, but hopefully you don’t need to go that route as the soft lighting sounds so much nicer.

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