Imitation Cinnamon Latte

My granddaughter asked me to take her to Starbucks and buy her a Cinnamon Latte. I decided to make one instead because I refuse to pay the price they want for a coffee, latte or cappuccino. A latte is normally made with espresso, something a 10 year old does not need to drink. My granddaughter is obsessed with cinnamon, if it has cinnamon in it she loves it.

I brewed 6 oz. of fresh strong coffee and figured she would despise the taste. Next I added 1/4 tsp. of ground cinnamon, 2 tsp. light brown sugar, stirred until the sugar dissolved and put it in the refrigerator to get ice cold.

I added 1/2 cup of whole milk and 1/2 tsp. vanilla to a shaker then shook it well creating a froth.

Next I poured the ice cold coffee into the frothy milk, put the lid on the shaker and shook well. I let my granddaughter taste it, expecting a horrible reaction and she said “It tastes good but it needs more cinnamon and sugar.” I added 1/2 tsp. of granulated sugar and more cinnamon, shook it up and had her taste it. She said it was good but I just knew she wouldn’t drink it all.

After topping it off with whipped cream I added a garnish of more cinnamon. I told her I wanted a sip and she had a fit thinking I was going to drink the whole thing. I must admit it tasted pretty good and I could have. She drank the entire glass full in less than 10 minutes!


  1. Kids can surprise you, but you surprised her too! During the lockdowns, I saw long lines at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts EVERY time I ventured out. I don’t like coffee nor would I pay their prices, but I never quite understood the attraction. I guess it was a survival mechanism.

    • I agree Linda! They charge so much money and I love coffee, my home brewed. Lol I have a espresso machine and love caramel and mocha lattes so when she gets old enough I may break down and make her one of my mocha lattes, she hates caramel.

    • Now that’s an interesting thought! Maybe use the protein drink in place of the coffee? You could also make it as I showed but use skim milk and sugar substitute.

  2. Well Diane, it certainly looks like the real deal … I think Starbucks would be jealous of this drink! Well done for teaching your granddaughter there are homemade drinks that are just as good (if not better) than those you can buy 😁.

  3. Sounds good! I know they are popular drinks. And how fun for her!
    I often add a dash of cinnamon to my coffee grounds and brew it together. It’s always a nice addition.

    • I haven’t tried adding the cinnamon to the coffee grounds (great idea) but I have added cocoa powder. No added calories and chocolate flavor. Then I also will add my homemade vanilla extract to the brewed coffee. You would think I loved coffee wouldn’t you Nancy? Lol

  4. You are the perfect grandma Diane. That’s a lot of work, but I’m sure it did taste delicious. I can remember as a kid wanting to be big and have coffee and my mom would take a couple of teaspoons of her coffee and stir it in my milk. It was weak, not even beige-colored milk and it sure didn’t affect my sleep any!

    • Haha your mom meant well! Now a days parents are actually buying their kids lattes! I can remember a friend in high school that drank coffee every day at school. I thought it was nasty tasting back then, but not now! Thank you Linda!

      • That’s surprising – the expense and all the caffeine too. I thought beige milk was a big deal back in the day. I’ve never been a fan of tea. My father drank tea and my mom switched to it later in life as it less harsh on her stomach. I drink green tea, but only because it’s good for you, not because I like it!

      • That’s funny you drink it and don’t like it. I love green tea and regular tea without cream or sugar but need cream and sugar in my coffee.

      • No, I’ve tried it with flavors but just resorted to plain green tea as it tasted the same to me. I’ve bought it many times through the years thinking I’d drink it for health purposes and just didn’t enjoy it. But now I keep hearing the health benefits, so I’ve stuck with it. I use the powdered flavored creamer in my coffee. I love the Coffeemate Vanilla Caramel. I find the liquid creamer cools the coffee off too much and dilutes it.

  5. Hi Diane. That was great that you were able to make the Starbuck’s drink at home for your granddaughter. Maybe it can even turn into a little tradition that you and your granddaughter can do together (similar to having a tea party together). I had tea parties with my one grandmother and those memories are special to this day. So I hope for you both to have those same types of memories made – but with your Starbuck’s drink.♥️♥️ ☕️🫖☕️
    Also, thank you for the recipe. It looks like it’ll be good to try! Take care and thank you for a nice, recipe article. 🥰

    • What a great idea Kyra! My grandkids lived here during the pandemic last year. They are here from Wednesday night through Sunday night every week now. I cherish any traditions before they get old enough that they won’t want to come over anymore, which I hope never happens!

  6. Tooo funny! So is that 2 1/2 teaspoons, total of sugar? I’ve already had my caffeine allotment for the day, but might get a batch of this chilling for tomorrow! I really appreciate this recipe because I don’t have an espresso maker here at my Mom’s.

  7. I never really appreciated tea until recently, but now I love it! I fully approve of hot cheetos in ramen lol It’s very cool that people can bond over food no matter age or distance 🙂

  8. I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay the price at Starbucks! I also refuse to. I also do not drink sugary drinks so PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) is the only drink I allow myself to buy 1-2 times a year. It is more of a treat and one of my fall traditions to usher in the fall season. Other than that, the rest of the year, I drink our coffee at work which is free and still good! And brew at home on weekends. 🙂 Your version sounds yummy, though!

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