Christmas Buckeyes


Whether you consider these a cookie or a candy, Buckeye’s are a favorite of our entire family. So of course I have to make a double batch when I make these delicious peanut butter and chocolate dipped cookies that are not baked and have no eggs in them. This is my 3rd cookie recipe of about 15 that I will be sharing with you.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. Oh yea!

    I have a confession… I sometimes make these into bars. For some reason it feels easier. But then I can’t call them Buckeyes… right?

  2. I love these – Mom used to make them. I’d eat them like they were no calories, popping them into the mouth, one after the other. I guess I figured they were smaller than a Reese’s cup, so what is the harm? 🙂

    • When I make these I have to hide them in the refrigerator! They are the last cookie I make or I won’t have any for Christmas. I have been known to sneak them out of the bowl as well, there is never enough!

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