Winter Wonderland Snowball Fight


We had two happy grandkids yesterday when they cancelled school after about 5” of snow.


This is the start of a fort that they decided was too much work to finish.


My cabana is getting it’s first dose of winter! I started to decorate it for Christmas. I ordered a light up star with nine strands of lights going from the star to the ground. Wouldn’t this make a great manager scene for Christmas, I could put a nativity scene inside it. I can’t wait to get power run to the cabana next year so I can light it up too.

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  1. Wow! Winter arrived early! We were surprised to see snow here in New England just before Halloween, so I wonder what the winter will bring all of us moving forward??! Enjoy! 🙂


    • Getting workers to do work is so hard now with the pandemic. My cabana took 3 weeks longer to be made then they originally said. We have been hiring people to get things repaired around here and they are always at least a month behind. I decided to wait until next year to run electricity to it and I can’t wait to light it up! I do like your idea of a snow party though. A heater in the middle of the cabana and hot chocolate too! We have 2 1/2 acres so that could be quite a party…lol


  2. My grandkids had a snow day yesterday as well. My granddaughter loved it, I have a pic to post on Friday. I think your cabana would make an amazing manger scene. Looks beautiful, Diane.


  3. How fun for your grandkids to have a snow day and for you to enjoy it with them. Having all that space to run around is awesome. And the cabana looks very lovely with the snow around it!


  4. The cabana looks so big at a distance! The kids look so happy playing in the snow and enjoying their snow day. I heard on the news today that Campbell’s Soup is launching a campaign to “Save the Snowday” … sounds fun. Will send you the link in another comment in case the link goes to SPAM.


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