Wild Giant Puffball Mushrooms


Wild Giant Puffball Mushrooms are one of the best mushrooms I have ever tasted. Slice off the root, peel, cut them into thin slices, fry them in butter until a golden brown and serve.

I am lucky enough to have had these grow on our property this year. This has only happened one other time in the more than 25 years that we have lived here.

My grandchildren thought it was pretty cool that we ate mushrooms that grew in our yard. However, I had to explain to them to NEVER pick mushrooms and eat them unless they come from the grocery store.

Picking mushrooms that grow in the wild can be deadly and should NEVER be done unless you are 100% certain that they are the edible type.


Even if you know it is an edible Giant Puffball

Mushroom, they may be bad. This one looks OK but

once they split they start to go bad. When you pick a

Giant Puffball Mushroom, take it home and cut it in half.

The entire mushroom inside must be pure white. If it

has any discoloration, don’t eat it! This Puffball Mushroom

had to be thrown away as it was a light brown inside.


The Giant Puffball Mushroom

has a tiny root on the bottom.


These were all good mushrooms and I ate

everyone in two days! Unfortunately my

mushrooms didn’t grow giant but they were big

enough to eat! They can grow to the size of a ball.


This mushroom, cut in half, is the way any

edible Puffball Mushroom must look

inside in order to eat them.


First you need to peel all of skin off and discard it.


Slice the mushroom thin.


Melt butter in a large skillet.


Add the sliced mushrooms.


Cook over medium low heat until golden brown.


Then serve.

Please do not eat any wild mushrooms unless

you are 100% sure they are edible.



  1. As someone who absolutely detest mushrooms, those actually look good. But I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try them. It’s the smell that puts me off 🙁

  2. Looks very tasty but I haven’t tasted mushrooms not even in pizzas,soups .I always throw away mushrooms but this one seems to be different from other mushroom dishes.Thank you very much for sharing.Take care.

    • I know, when my husband came in and said look out the window I ran outside and snatched them up so fast. The big one that was bad grew in the wooded section but the rest grew in my flower bed in the mulch! Go figure..🤣😂🤣

    • We ate so many of the morels when I was a kid. My dad knew where to find them every year. I wish I did! They are super expensive to buy. These Puff Mushrooms can get the size of a volleyball!

      • This co-worker really loved his morels. There was a post by someone else that appeared below your post and that Puff Mushroom was just that size – amazing!

      • How I wish I could have eaten the big Puffball Mushroom in our yard too. I haven’t had the morels since I was a kid. People sell them on our local garbage sale sites for an outrageous price and they picked them free.

      • I have never seen or heard of a Puffball Mushroom until yesterday when I read your post Diane. Today I wanted to get some pictures in the ‘hood of harvest decor so after the Park I walked all over … walking down the street and there was a hug Puffball Mushroom with the top bashed up a little –
        its insides were laying about 6 inches away.
        Had to have been a squirrel did that … too bad it was not still whole to see what the top looked like.

      • I thought so too Diane – now I wonder how many times I saw them and didn’t know what they were – they don’t really look like mushrooms (especially when something destroyed the top of it).

  3. Diane your instruction are wise !! This is very easy to prepare and this looks very tempting !! 😋Earlier we got edible mushrooms from the yard after rain !! 💟

  4. This is a puffball year for sure. Last one for us was 2018. Found a ginormous one on Sunday & ate/ gifted as I knew it needed to be consumed or at least cooked by Thursday. I’m also fermenting a chunk of it. Makes a paste sort of like a vegan’s blue cheese.

    • I wish I knew of a woods close by I could walk through. After getting a taste of these I want a big one now! You are so fortunate as was your gifted person! I never knew they could be fermented but seriously, there wouldn’t be enough left to bother. 😂

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