Campfire or Kitchen S’mores


Our grandkids shout out with excitement when we do a

cookout in our backyard over a campfire. OK I do too!

We started out the night making Pizza Pies and ended

up making S’mores  for dessert. I’m sure most everyone

has tasted these before but this is just an excuse to act

like a kid and enjoy a blast from the past.



Place a graham cracker on a plate

then a chocolate candy bar on top.

Cook your marshmallows over

the fire to your desired doneness.

Immediately place the cooked

marshmallows on top of the chocolate.

I LOVE campfire marshmallows and

I used four but two or three work

very well too.



Place another graham cracker on top

of the marshmallows. Then push down

just until the marshmallows oozes out.

The marshmallows will start to melt

the chocolate for an amazing taste.

Serve immediately.


Did you know that you can make these in

the house too? Using a plate, I put the

marshmallows on top of one graham

cracker and microwave them until they

start to expand. Remove from the microwave

and immediately place the chocolate bar

on top. Put another graham cracker

on top of the chocolate and serve.

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  1. I have a flood of memories any time someone says “s’mores”, and I’ve never thought of making them in the house. I think I’m going to get the supplies and have them on hand, so the next time I’m feeling down I can kick start positive feelings through association. 🙂

  2. this is my very favorite sweet treat! i sometimes make them for my class when we have. ‘camping day’ using the microwave method – now i really am craving one!

    • Have fun I miss camping!!! I use to camp every weekend but when we got married almost 30 years ago my husband didn’t enjoy it so I sold the motor home. I compromised with a little land in the country so it feels like I am camping whenever I walk out the back door. Plus I still sleep in my comfy bed….lol Have you ever made pizza pies over the fire? I will be posting that and I also use to make fruit pies over the fire.

  3. How fun for your grandkids! We bought a s’mores kit from the store recently and am waiting for a nice Saturday evening to use it. Soon!

    • Yes and they only take a few seconds. I let the marshmallows expand in the microwave just big enough that they don’t fall off the graham cracker. Tastes just as good as the campfire but without the golden brown.

  4. I like S’mores but have never had them at an actual campsite, just at home. I don’t think they had S’mores when I was in camp and we went camping once when I was a young kid, and the first night out we had a bad rainstorm and the tent leaked and that was the end of camping for the Schaub family. 🙂

    • Oh yes the marshmallows are ready in a few seconds in the microwave, but you don’t get that golden brown flavor from the fire. Somehow that doesn’t bother me once I bite into it…lol

  5. I was in my teens when a friend showed me how to make s’mores, and I had one of those “WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” moments. I think I might make some this week. Thanks, Diane! 🙂

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