What in the world do you do with these Rambutans? My husband found them at the grocery store and thought they would make a good post. They look like a sea creature but are actually a hairy like fruit. When you slice open the exterior you will find a sweet fruit inside that tastes like a grape with a single seed in the middle. It seems like a lot of work just to eat these. Do any of my followers do anything else with these?



The package said to slice the outer layer and

remove the hairy outer part. It cuts very

easily then I twisted it apart.



Once the exterior is removed you are left

with this delicious round white ball.



Then I just ate around the seed.



I know I have seen these in some of my

followers posts so tell me what you

do with them in your house.



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  1. I had rambutans when I visited Malaysia as a student, and loved the taste. I didn’t find them difficult to eat with the kernel, maybe the ones you got here are not really ripe enough – at least that was my experience when I found some once here in our supermarket in Maine.

  2. Hi Diane! We got several of these in a Co-op produce box we ordered several months ago. We had to google to see what they were!

    All we did was slice them like you did and pop out the big β€œgrape β€œ and nibble on it.

    We mainly just had fun with it showing it to kids that came over πŸ˜ƒ

    • How funny I did that with the grandkids too. My grandson wanted nothing to do with it and my granddaughter ate one and said it was good but she didn’t want anymore. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ha! To be honest, I’ve never in my life seen these? I need to go to more high-end stores, I guess…. So, you only eat the fruit? The “hair” is not edible? These look really cool, and I’ll try anything once (twice if I like it….). I hope some of your other followers chime it! Thank you, Diane!

    • My husband bought them at our regular grocery store. We have never seen them before this. You do not eat the hairy part but it is really simple to slice the exterior off and get to the fruit. The thing I didn’t like is the fruit sticks to the seed and the fruit is slippery so you can’t really hold it and bite. I had to put the entire fruit in my mouth and nibble the fruit off the seed. Way too much work for something that tasted similar to a grape, only sweeter.

  4. Those are definitely strange looking fruit! I’ve never had one but have seen them in Asian grocery stores. Maybe I’ll try one too! Btw, they look kind of like sea urchins to me – Neek

  5. These make great eyeballs. You can use the end of blue grapes as a pupil for the eye. Great thing to have floating in a Halloween punch or cocktail

    • That is an awesome ideas! When my daughter was in Girl scouts I put on a Halloween party where we blindfolded the girls and they felt food like spaghetti for the intestines etc. and all I could think of for the eyes was peeled grapes. They were too small so these would have been perfect! Thank you!

  6. I was first introduced to rambutans and various other exotic fruits when we lived in Southeast Asia in the 1980s. They are a delicious fruit and we only ever just ate them as is. If you sprinkled them with chilli, which we never did, it would be the powder.

  7. Oh, Diane…you have gone off the rails! What the heck is this thing? Now I have to look it up and learn more about. Thanks for making me use my brain on a Friday, of all things!

  8. Hi Diane, these are fruit from SE Asia. They are similar in texture and taste to the lithi (lychee). They are just eaten like that around the pip/seed. You can try push the seed out and cut the fleshy part in half. Great for fruit salads.

  9. The fruit is native to South East Asia. It derives it’s name from rambut which in Malaysian means hair, for its hairy outer covering. It grows in South India too and tastes delicious although I still have to figure out what to use it in.

  10. Found them! I know this is a late response, however, I went to Walmart (of all places) to get my goods for Chicken Noodle Soup, and I remembered your post! With a low, stalled, search, I found the Rambutan! I followed your instructions to a “T” and I’ll have to admit….. WOW! Super sweet, super messy, and super yummo! I had 4 of them, and I’ll probably have more, later. I’ll also take the rest to work and get my co-workers to partake! πŸ™‚

      • Ha! You know? I probably will buy them, again! Probably not for any particular meal, but, more of (let’s say) the novelty of them….. I’ll let you know! Thank you!

  11. Hey Diane, it’s everywhere out here in Asia. The fruit tastes nice, but it does feel like a lot of work, and it never quite fun when the skin of the shell peels off with the flesh. The only one time I truly enjoy this is as a canned fruit. Some machine de-seeds it, and it stuffs a little knob of pineapple in it. But it’s so cool to see you enjoying it in the US!

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