Swedish Meatballs


Cooking Swedish Meatballs in the slow cooker gives them the most delicious flavor! These would be a great dish for any holiday meal, appetizer or potluck, not just because they taste great but because they are so easy to make.Β I first tasted this Slow Cooker Swedish Meatball recipe at my mother in laws over 25 years ago. I have made them for many different functions and there is never any left.

Click on the link below to see the step by step by directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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    • Thanks Linda they are so easy and delicious! We seem to always have them at our family get togethers. Since I am having Easter dinner this year I will make them I’m sure…lol

      • And it is good as you can make them ahead and not spend your entire Easter Sunday in the kitchen … did you have a Sweden House smorgasbord restaurant in Ohio – they were popular here in Michigan and that was one of their specialties … that and bread pudding. I see you have bread pudding as your post yesterday … I was behind and still am, in Reader due to walking a lot, taking all the pics and two long posts. It is 60 degrees this morning, high of 73 today – chance of snow (light) Wednesday into Thursday. Weather is crazy! P.S. – the new grandson is ready for a Swedish meatball soon, maybe even bread pudding. πŸ™‚

      • No I have never heard of the Sweden House….too bad! I would have loved it. You have been busy too. I love working in the yard but I think I like your kind of busy better…lol

      • Sweden House was around for years and suddenly they all closed up. They were one of the first buffet-style restaurants. The Swedish meatballs and bread pudding were their specialties and you did those recipes, one right after the other!

        I used to love taking care of the garden, especially when I had the butterfly garden, but when the neighbor behind got rats, then the Polar Vortex wiped out most of my butterfly garden, I did not replant anything, and started walking. I do miss the beauty of it, but not the work. It is hard work as you know and from April to 4th of July, you don’t have much time to yourself.

        And if your husband has the bum shoulder right now, he can’t help you either. I meant to say the other day that my boss had a shoulder injury a few years ago … he rides his bike every day (schedule permitting) from the office and around Belle Isle in Detroit. He was not paying attention and drinking from his water bottle and went over a curb. He had his toe clip on and fell over the handlebars – had a third degree shoulder separation. His best friend is a defense attorney for hospitals/doctors. He gave him the name of a shoulder specialist … the specialist told him NOT to get surgery and he had physical therapy instead. But that shoulder specialist had an MRI on site. Might be quicker for your husband to get in there. My boss had no problems with his shoulder as he uses resistance bands and he is and was an avid swimmer for years (a mile a day, sometimes twice a day, so had strong chest muscles/shoulder muscles). He tried to convince me that I should go to this guy, even offered to take me – I keep thinking it might just be frozen shoulder and will go away.

      • Frozen shoulder is still nasty! I lived in so much pain for over 20 years and I am finally 90% better and loving life again with very little pain. However that was 6 surgeries later but worth it! My hubby gets an MRI next week so we will see what that says. They are already starting him on therapy. Oh and by the way…. go see that guy! You don’t have to be in so much pain. Just see what he says.

      • OMG Diane – 6 surgeries! My shoulder issue started out of the blue – back in late Summer I was having trouble shutting the car door and reached across and used my right arm (I am right-handed; shoulder issue is on the left).
        Then I couldn’t fasten the back of my fanny pack anymore – I can finally touch both hands in back of me, Not sure if I can fasten it without doing it around the front and pulling it around. Things seemed to get bad quickly and I am 100 percent sure it is from the way I sit – all of a sudden, all the blogging – just working during the day (and sitting at a computer all day … I work 11-5:30-6:00 p.m.) and writing my own blog posts, but when blogging picked up in November 2017 and I followed others and they followed me, I am often here til 11:00 p.m. – I think that was the beginning of it, stiff neck too, then arm/shoulder pain, especially shoulder. I did not injure myself that I know of … I am sure it is my posture so that is why I tried elevating the laptop, getting a wireless keyboard and sitting a different way. I wish I knew what I did. You had surgeries for frozen shoulder –
        I was hoping it would go away after it was out of the “freezing stage”.

      • Oh I bet you are right about the computer! I bet you would benefit from therapy. What I liked about therapy is they taught me how to do it then I just did it on my own. No I don’t have any shoulder issues. Mine has been knees and heart.

      • I have tried to modify how I sit – none of it has rally seemed to help, but I don’t have pain like I did back in the Fall. I thought I was sleeping funny and/or maybe I needed a new mattress. And then I met a neighbor around the corner when I had issues with my lights and the linemen came to fix it – he was out in his backyard where linemen were. I asked him if he had flickering lights – he said “yes” and like me had called. No one else in the neighborhood had called. I stayed talking to him – he said “I want you to meet my wife” and told me she is in her fourth year of dementia before he went and got her. Both he/wife are exact same age as me. I’ve never met a person with dementia, let alone in 4th year … Diane I came away from meeting her and said to myself “you’re worried about your arm – this woman does not know her name, where she is, that her husband was waving at her like you do a child.” I told myself to just get past it. Had I not talked to those neighbors I might have pursued going to the doctor, etc. But my mom had rotator cuff syndrome years ago … we went to the doctor and they sent her to PT four nights a week for about 6-8 weeks. Didn’t help. We rented a TENS, bought a moist heating pad – no good. I thought at first it was rotator cuff issues – I think frozen shoulder as I’ve got no mobility there anymore. I’ve been lucky my whole life – never had any medical issues at all. I don’t count allergies which I get shots for … that is not a serious ailment.

      • Yes sometimes we just count our blessings! There is always somebody worse off for sure. I didn’t get to walk today. My autistic client didn’t want to and it was dark when I got off work. 😒

      • Well, that’s a bummer and no, you don’t want to walk in the dark. There are a few women who walk every morning before work from Spring through Fall. I never see them on weekends or in the Winter. So they arrive together and have flashlights to walk in the dark. Even though the coyote has not been spotted in several months, I still wouldn’t walk in the dark, alone or otherwise. We have too much crime going on here in my city right now.

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