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Growing your own Homegrown Herbs can supply you with herbs all year long, even in the winter. The photo above is my first cutting of the year and is only a few of the herbs we planted. How I use my herbs in the winter is by dehydrating them in the summer when they are exploding with leaves. I use the fresh herbs as I need them and dehydrate the rest. They charge a fortune for fresh and dried herbs in the store and I like knowing there are no chemicals on my herbs.

The nice thing about growing your own herbs is that you don’t even need a garden. We have ours in a raised bed in our garden but did you know you can plant them in individual pots too? You could even put them in your flower beds amongst the other plants. The secret to having successfull herbs is making sure they have water of course, especially if you use a pot, and keeping them cut so they don’t flower. Keeping them cut encourages the herbs to keep producing those wonderful leaves.

Check out my link below to dehydrating the herbs.


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  1. Very nice tips! Thanks. 😀 I do have some herbs in my garden, even though I don’t plant them myself. Freshly-picked herbs have a lovely fresh look, taste & scent.

  2. I love growing my parsley and basil. I grow several plants of each…..2 of each plant I use to cut and dry the leaves, the others I use fresh. Then all winter I have freshly dried herbs for cooking.

    • Wondereful! My parsley is exploding but my rosemary is going a bit slower. I too love rosemary on potatoes. Rosemary and Thyme are two of my favorite combinations!

  3. The only herb that I currently have in my yard is mint. (Is mint a herb?) I used to have several herbe, but everything else apparently did not make it through the winter.

    • Mint will take over your yard. I will only plant that in a pot once I learned that but is did smell good when my husband cut the grass…lol I only have 2 herbs that come back every year….thyme and sage. The rest I plant new every spring.

    • What a great idea! My husband asked for one of those small herb growers with lights where the plants grow in water a few years ago. It worked but there wasn’t enough growth to really do anything with. I also tried grow lights in the winter but I wasn’t real happy with the results either. So now I just dehydrate in the winter.

  4. I grow my own herbs and some veg on my balcony, I love it. Great tips! One I find more difficult to keep growing is coriander – it often shoots to flower too quickly. I think it’s my fav herb though.

      • It does! Sometimes you just have to make use of the space you have, and you can hardly move out there! Yes, you must try coriander and let me know what you think. People seem to either love it or hate it. It’s used a lot in thai cooking.

  5. I grow all my own herbs & they are so easy – too easy as can spread everywhere. Did you know you can fry sage leaves in oil – they are moorish.

    • Oh my gosh no way! I have tons of sage and I am going to try that! Do you put anything else with them and do you use olive oil? I can’t wait to try this! Thank you so much!!!!

  6. Best feeling of accomplishment when I use garden herbs. We share in the community so everyone scores. Fortunately in SA, the weather is so good, we always have fresh herbs.

      • PS… Went to the markets and supported the street vendors. Took them huge bunches of curry leaves as a gift. Was so humbled by their blessings. Then as we finished our prayer today, a young man down on his luck appeared at the gate and I gave him a bin bag of curry leaves for him to sell for himself. I only pray he doesn’t come back to help himself. 💞☺

      • You are a wonderful and kind person! There is no greater gift than sharing what God gives us with others. You never know about the young man, you may have changed his life with that gesture!

      • That’s what I said to my husband. He though, was concerned for us and our safety, considering the spate of robberies… And he works away from home.💞

  7. Yes… Always sharing. So my massive bunch of green bananas fell. I portioned it, delivered to the neighbours across the fence. Got hubby to drive me to my 3 friends, delivered and some saved for ripening. I did a wicked banana fry with green bananas today. God is good to me.💞

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