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We took our Grandkids to an Earth Day Festival at our local Metro Park. They had a bee hive behind an enclosed window so you could watch the bees. They also put on a class of how to start a bee hive. Local vendors sold different flavors of honey in single serving honey sticks and also in jars. My grandkids had never tasted a honeycomb so I bought this one to give them a taste. Needless to say, I took the Honey Comb out of the plastic box, put it on my kitchen counter and they both went ewwwww! My seven year old did try it but wasn’t liking the waxy comb. My 3 year old wouldn’t have anything to do with it. They wanted to know where the bees were! I think I should have had them try it before they saw the live bees in the window! Below is an article I found fascinating about the Honey Comb along with ways to add it to food.

Source: The article below was completely written by Foodnetwork.com






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  1. Yummy! When I was little, my dad always bought and ate honeycomb. He said it contained the most nutrients. Don’t know but it makes sense! It was good, I do know that! Now you’ve got me wanting some honeycomb. Our Farmers’ Market opens in a week or two so I’ll be going! 😀

  2. It is the only way to eat honey and how I get it here…When I was in Phuket there was a lovely man who bought his combs down to the beach and just strained the honey into a bottle ..the most amazing honey and of course it is not solid here..Luckily now I have moved I have a source for wild honey…Now they know I love it they bring gifts of the most lovely honeycombe..It is so good for you 🙂 You won’t eat it any other way now you have tried the real McCoy, Diane 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting article. Honeycomb is definitely harder to find than it used to be – maybe because there are less cottage bee keepers than there used to be.

  4. I love using honey in foods, but it is probably my top recommendation for natural remedies as well. It has such awesome natural benefits! Thankfully I live in the rural Midwest, so I have access to several variations of local honey. I loved reading about the kids’ reactions!

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