Scalloped Potatoes & Ham


Look what I made with some of a 13 pound ham that originally cost $26.23 and we bought for only $11.60. Score….. yes we did! I even took a picture of the label to show you. Well this Scalloped Potatoes and Ham dish was just one of the recipes I will make with all this ham.


I have enough ham to make a total of eight meals!

My first meal was Scalloped Potatoes & Ham!


My wonderful husband cut the ham into large bite size pieces and I bagged them up into 2 cup quantities. That was less than $1.50 per meal for the meat. I kept one bag for our meal today of Scalloped Potatoes & Ham and I froze the rest. After I bagged them into the 2 cups, I put the bags of ham into a gallon size freezer bag. That way I can just take out what I need when I need it and let it thaw.

Now back to the Scalloped Potatoes & Ham. The picture above is what we had for dinner tonight, however, I posted the recipe for Scalloped Potatoes & Ham in another blog so I will post the link below and you can get the recipe from there.


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