St. Patrick’s Day $4.00 Wreath



I thought I would share with you the $4.00 wreath that I helped my client make today. Yes it was made “In Dianes Kitchen”…. lol I love making crafts almost as much as I love to cook! I am self employed as an Independent Provider working with adults with developmental disabilities. I took my client with autism to The Dollar Tree store and she bought everything we needed (4 items) and I provided the hot glue gun and the know how. She made this in no time, with my help of course, at my house. I will be helping my other client make the same thing this week as they both love to do crafts!



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  1. Hi. Very beautiful. I worked in that line of work for almost 20 years. Only I was an CNA And worked in assisted living facility. I enjoyed this line of work so much. Very lucky lady you are that you can still do that. I was struck by a SUV, as I was crossing the crosswalk to the bus stop to get to work. The accident left me disabled. I like to read people’s enjoyment of working with the disabled.

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    • I am so sorry to hear you’re disabled. I actually was disabled for many years and overcame it enough to go back to work part time. I think being disabled myself is what makes me relate to my clients so well. 20 years is amazing…. kudos to you!

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