Fruit Smoothie


Eating this Fruit Smoothie is like having a healthy milkshake! This all natural smoothie is such a refreshing snack, dessert or even a meal! This recipe makes enough for two people.



Ingredients – Yes I did try to make a smiley face…lol



Add all of the ingredients to a deep drinking mug or bowl.

Using an immersion blender mix until all of the ingredients are blended.

You can also put the ingredients in a regular blender and mix.



Pour into serving glasses and serve immediately.

Fruit Smoothie



1 – 5.3 oz container Greek yogurt, any flavor

3/4 cup of 100% apple juice

1 medium banana

10 oz frozen strawberries, slightly thawed


In a blender (or use an immersion blender in a bowl or large deep mug) add all of the ingredients and blend until completely combined.

Pour into two glasses and serve immediately.





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  1. Looks delicious, I have never put apple juice in a smoothie. I guess I should make this to drink by the pool instead of buying a frozen strawberry daquiri, it would be healthier.

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