WAAO Pineapple Corer, Slicer & Peeler


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For Christmas my husband asked for this WAAO Pineapple Corer, Slicer & Peeler which Amazon sells for $13.99. He use to cut pineapples by hand risking injury to his hands.

Read below as I show you the simple step-by-step process to turn this delicious whole pineapple into individual slices in a matter of minutes with very little effort!

Start by working on a cutting board with the pineapple slicer and a pineapple.



Using a large sharp knife, slice the top and bottom off of the pineapple.

In my opinion this was as hard as this gets and it wasn’t very hard to cut.



Place the Pineapple Slicer on the pineapple so that the core

cutter is on top of the core in the pineapple.



Turn the slicer clockwise until it reaches the cutting board.

My husband did this with two fingers.


Pull straight up to remove the pineapple slices and core.


Remove the handle and slide the pineapple slices off of the slicer.

The pineapples core will remain inside the tube.



We used a straw and pushed the core easily out of the tube.

You can use a knife or whatever you want to get it out.



The pineapple cutter doesn’t actually make circle slices.

It cuts the pineapple in a spiral shape.


Take a knife and make one cut on the outside edge

of the pineapple to make the pineapple rings.



Now you can do what we did and eat the entire pineapple just like this or fix it any other way you would like. I had planned on baking the pineapple slices in the oven but it was so sweet and delicious there wasn’t any left to bake!

In my opinion, this product was amazing, well worth

the price and I highly recommend it.








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  1. I saw an apple corer that works on a similar basis. That’s something that I never had and wished I had for making baking apples in particular. I ordered it as well while I was at it.

    • Let me know how you like it. I tried the apple one years ago and loved it but it broke within a few months. I never bought another. Maybe they make them better now. I do remember it was hard on my hands too.

  2. I have this tool and its really good if you have a big sized pineapple. In smaller one it does not work because the core is thinner and while inserting it in center it cuts the flesh alongwith the core.

    • Oh no! That would be such a waste of pineapple. I honestly have never seen a small pineapple. Our stores always have average size so I guess we are lucky that way. Happy New Year!

      • True. Here in India we get both and smaller are sweeter. That why I commented. I use this corer for my big size pineapple and it is really great.

  3. This is much better than my Pampered Chef pineapple cutting tool! I still have to take off the exterior and slice. Plus it’s cut in chunks even if I don’t want that!
    Thanks, Diane!

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