Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter



Another great gadget! This is Pampered Chefs Crinkle Cutter and Amazon sells it for $12.50. I bought mine at a Pampered Chef party years back. It makes professional looking potatoes with very little effort!

It comes with this protective cover to keep it sharp.


This is how potato slices look after cutting them with this cutter. You can also slice french fry shapes with it. I don’t know why, but the potatoes taste better when sliced this way. It is amazing how food tastes better when it looks better!

I definitely give this a thumbs up!

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    • If I didn’t have a basement to store the big ones in I don’t know what I would do….hahaha Oh and a husband to carry them up and down the stairs. I told him we need a dumb waiter and he said I already have one..hahahahaha

  1. I don’t remember where I got my crinkle cutter but my mother used one to make carrot sticks on holidays so I had to have one too. Kids eat more carrots when they’re quirky!

  2. Love mine! It’s wonderful to use on blocks of cheese to cut. And makes them so pretty for a cheese & cracker tray.

  3. They do look fancy! Pampered Chef makes the best garlic mincer too! I had been through so many crappy ones, my sister ended up buying me the Pampered Chef one and I have been using it for years!

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