Did You Know – Oven Door

Does anything look different with this wall oven? If you are from the United States it probably does, it sure did to me.

I was watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and I saw the most interesting thing when they put their food into the NEFF oven, the oven door disappeared!

After reading https://www.neff-home.com/ website, here is what they said.


A handle that slides and a door that hides? Enough room for your playtime! We believe that nothing should get in the way of your culinary playtime. That is why we invented an oven door that disappears entirely with a single move. Your colourful and easy one-sheet pan dinners just got –well, even easier. From throwing in those herbs you forgot, to cleaning, the clever design of our Slide&Hide® oven doors make it fun and simple to work in your kitchen.

Even though NEFF has not made these ovens available to us living in the United States, you could probably figure out a way to have one shipped here. But buyer beware as they will probably not be electrically compatible to the United States power outlet and wiring.

Pictures and information from https://www.neff-home.com/.

I have not been compensated for this information.


  1. If you were not compensated, you should have been! This is such a great idea. It saves space and is actually safer than what we have here. Send them a bill!

  2. Diane, I wanted to give you (and your readers) a heads-up regarding microwave ovens.
    I wanted to give my husband a box of peanut brittle for Christmas, and I got all the ingredients for your microwave recipe. I was up Christmas Eve making it (I should have tried it out sooner!) and found out the hard way that microwaves differ, and my microwave is one of the hotter ones. I took the brittle out early, but not quite soon enough. :/ Luckily my daughter had the same idea and bought him a box, which he opened right after we got a laugh from my gift.

  3. Interesting! Our stove from years ago had a pull out drawer (for lack of a better word) that had the four burners. You could use two front burners if you wanted, but to use all four, you had to pull it out and lock out. Mom liked that as this kitchen is small. And it had a top and bottom oven – so the bottom oven was used for storage as the storage space is so pitiful in the kitchen.

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