Christmas Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Elegant looking chocolate covered pretzels that are great for anytime of the year. They would make a great snack for New Year’s Eve too. Drizzle the chocolate covered pretzels with a contrasting chocolate for a professional look. Place them into a pretty tin or decorative bag and give them away as gifts, nothing says love like a homemade sweet.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. These look so professional. My kids love chocolate covered pretzels, I will have to try these, but probably not this year as I already have lots of sweets made.

  2. My mother in law makes these every year. She’s probably not this year because she’s going through a lot, but this is a memorable post!

  3. My mom and I made these one year after I said “wouldn’t this be fun to do?” I guess I forgot the chocolate-covered strawberries kind of bombed. We finished them and my mom said “they’re delicious but next time buy them at the store!”

      • We had a store that specialized in cake decorating items … just a tiny store and when my mom and I made our treats for the staff at work, we often got festive items there. I think there was a bag of wafery-looking chocolates you could buy in all colors. I think that’s where we bought them. Could you use white chocolate Hershey kisses?

      • Don’t they have chocolate swirls going through them? (Don’t ask how I know) If so, when they melt the chocolate will change the white to a cream color.

      • You are right – yes, you eat them too. 🙂 I looked just now … the white and chocolate swirl Kisses are called “Hugs” … and there was Kisses that were cookies and cream too. I am thinking we got those white wafers at the cake decorating store.

      • I use those wafers to make candy in my plastic molds. I did that with one of my clients every year. The red & green colored wafers are actually the white chocolate too, I have devoured many of them too…lol Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics (ours closed) also sells them.

      • I used to go to Jo Ann Fabrics all the time for various craft items as it was near the house and this was before Michaels was around. So maybe that’s where I saw them. You made candy too – you are multi-talented Diane!

      • One year for Christmas I made so much candy like chocolate covered cherries, peanuts, nuts, chocolate in the molds etc. It was so much fun but a lot of work. I never have had that much time since…lol

      • You are always so industrious – I don’t blame you for stopping the chocolate candy. I worked with a girl who used to make chocolate suckers for Easter. She did the white and pastel chocolate and the regular chocolate too and had some decorations on them, wrapped them in a colorful cellophane and a ribbon and sold them at work.
        Another co-worker made chicken and beef dog biscuits and put them in small stockings, depending on whether you ordered one or two dozen and put the pooch’s name on the top. She had quite a little business going as well!

      • Haha I use to make dog treats (biscuits) and sold them at my craft booth. They are so simple and cheap to make. Then my dog had to be put to sleep and I never made them again.

      • Candi had quite a little business going there … chicken and beef and took orders before Thanksgiving so she could deliver. That’s sad about your dog, but I am sure making the biscuits would have reminded you of him, so I don’t blame you one bit Diane.

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