Did You Know – Macadamia Nuts

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The only nuts I like are peanuts and Macadamia Nuts! I only buy Macadamia Nuts to make my White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Christmas Cookies because they are so expensive. Check out these 10 facts about Macadamia Nuts below, according to http://www.ayoubs.ca.

  1. Macadamia Nuts grow on a tree, however, they pick them off of the ground when they harvest them. When the nuts are ripe they fall to the ground where they are picked up by hand or machine.
  2. These nuts are one of the most expensive nuts in the world when it comes to price.
  3. The trees can take 5-8 years to bear fruit.
  4. The tree requires a lot of labor to process.
  5. The trees can produce the nuts for many years with the trees living up to 100 years old.
  6. The nickname given to Macadamia Nuts is The King of All Nuts.
  7. Did you ever notice you have never seen Macadamia Nuts in the shell? The reason is because it is one of the toughest shells to crack. It takes 300 pounds per square inch to break!
  8. Macadamia Nuts are approximately 80% fat, but don’t panic because it is the good kind of fat which can lower your risk of heart disease and lower levels of the bad cholesterol in your blood.
  9. Because of the tough shell, most predators can’t get into the nut. The only predator that has no problem is the Hyacinth Macaw Parrot.
  10. THE LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT MACADAMIA NUTS IS THAT THEY ARE HIGHLY TOXIC TO DOGS! If a dog ingests them it can cause vomiting, lethargy and weakness which, if left untreated, can be fatal.



  1. I didn’t know most of those facts about macadamia nuts, Diane. Thanks for the info. By the way, I have no idea why my photo in the “like” line is an orange blog. Just something new for me to deal with. LOL! Have a great week!

  2. Very interesting facts. I only knew one or two. However, according to my wife, I, not the macadamia, am the king of all nuts. Who am I to argue,

  3. Lots of valuable information, Diane! I love Macadamia nuts too and hardly ever buy them because of the price. I love almost all varieties of nuts for snacking or baking. I think Macadamias are supposed to be one of the healthiest. Should we all move to Hawaii? That’s where I had my first taste!

  4. So yummy. Macadamia nut butter is so good, too.. So you don’t like pistachios or pine nuts/pinion nuts either? or Cashews? I like all nuts except for Walnuts made my tongue swell.

  5. My mom used to make those white chocolate macadamia nut cookies at Christmas too – she added some dried cranberries to give them a little holiday color. I have never had macadamia nuts except in those cookies. I’ve never seen them in the shell either like this photo. The facts you gave us are interesting as usual Diane and I never know they were toxic to dogs … that’s scary.

      • Well I always learn something new with these “Did You Know” posts Diane – this one as well. And I’ve only seen Macadamia Nuts in a bag. 🙂 (I know you are not surprised about that statement.)

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