Cut Up Your Own Chicken

With food prices getting out of control, why not save yourself some money?

Do you buy your chicken already cut into pieces? You won’t believe how easy it is to cut up a whole chicken and it only takes a few minutes.

Some people are squeamish about touching raw chicken. If you are, you can put on rubber gloves or just buy it cut up at the store.

To see my step by step directions of this process with pictures, click HERE.


  1. Only America can say that . No one in Europe or England cuts a chicken up for you. I here breed Broiler birds for our own consumption . We used to buy whole and divide as you suggest .Or cook whole covered in bacon to carve and eat cold days later .Big Indian Madras curry I sometimes make from what is left . Or Chinese sweet and sour with noddles or rice.

    • They do whatever they can to get more money out of us. Lol You are making me hungry! Those all sound delicious and I would love your Chinese recipe as I love sweet-n-sour anything!

  2. It’s the exact same method we use too (well, let me be honest … Berto does it, I watch). We usually buy whole chickens, because sometimes we want to spit them on the ‘braai’ and then it’s just so much easier (and yes, it’s cheaper). Thank you for showing it so nicely step by step!

    • I had to laugh at your comment. Sometimes I wish my hubby made all the meals. I wasn’t feeling well the other day and had thawed a pork loin for dinner. I talked him into cutting it into pork chops and cooking it a special way. He moaned and groined but did a great job. He over cooked it a bit but everything tasted good.

  3. Last year, I tried cutting a chicken whole and it was a disaster. I didn’t quite know what to do and there were some odd looking pieces after. So this tutorial is very helpful. I think it’s also good to have a sharp knife which makes a difference with cutting through bone and tougher parts.

  4. I used to cut up my chickens too. I never could quite figure out how my mother cut hers so that there was a “wishbone.” One thing I did learn is that you need a sharp knife.

  5. Good idea about the gloves. The whole chickens here are high, too. I never in my life that I’d see butter at nearly $6 for 4 sticks.

  6. Absolutely…
    Chicken thighs are 1.49 a pound
    Boneless are 2.69

    Boneless breasts on sale are 2.59 while whole are 1.99
    Worth the work

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