Did You Know – Bagels

Whenever I want to eat a sliced bagel from the store, I get so frustrated that I have to finish slicing it before I can spread butter or cream cheese on it.

Do you know why they leave the bagels only partially sliced?

According to WBZ News Radio, “The reason why they’re not cut all the way through is because the bagels are propelled through a spinning blade and they’re spit out at a very high velocity, and if they’re cut all the way through- the tops and the bottoms would separate,” Trust said.


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  1. Being a native of The Bronx, I know a good bagel when I see one. I do prefer to slice it myself, but if it is pre-sliced, you’re right. It is never sliced all the way through. That is also true of Italian bread in restaurants and even some bakeries. You always have to break off part of it. Maybe that’s what makes it more personal. There’s always just enough if your own labor so that you can really call it your own. ( I know. I need therapy.) 😄😄

  2. I once went to a Jewish wedding of a pal from work .Bagles they had in platefuls I had never bothered with them ever but ate four that day .Fresh it is totally different taste

  3. I didn’t know that and that does make sense, but I have tried to pry them apart and end up with one slice with extra bread and other slice is skinny – annoying!

  4. Very interesting! Can you imagine the chaos when the tops and bottoms of the bagels fly all over the place … I solemnly forgive the company for not cutting it all the way through!

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