Make Your Celery Last Longer

Our celery stays fresh in our refrigerator for about 3 weeks by doing this simple trick.

We completely wrap it in foil. Some weeks we use it up immediately and other times it may be 3 weeks, but regardless, we wrap it in foil immediately when we bring it home from the grocery store. Give it a try and see what I am talking about.


  1. Great tip. I cut off some of the bottom of asparagus and put it in a glass of water (partially submerged). It lasts a while that way but not 3 weeks. I wonder if your method works for other vegetables?


  2. That’s a great tip Diane. I have to admit, I don’t think I give celery a chance to last that long. I nibble celery sticks throughout the day all summer-long.


  3. I’ve never heard this before! I’ve been cutting mine and putting it in a container with a little bit of water. It helps but not long enough it seems. I’m going to try your tip!


  4. Didn’t know that Diane. Thank you. Have you heard there is a mustard shortage? Heard that today – mustard seeds, of which a lot are grown in Canada, are in short supply due, so stock up if you use it.


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