Hershey’s Homemade Hot Chocolate

Santa will be waiting to drink this hot chocolate with your homemade cookies. There is no comparison from those store bought packages, this is 100 times better!

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. I love hot chocolate, but not those you buy in packages in the shops! Thanks Diane, I’ll definitely try this recipe … but maybe when it’s getting colder again on this side of the world 😉.

      • The best memories. Your grandkids are lucky – I’ll bet most kids today (even adults) have never had anything but a powdered hot chocolate mix.

      • I bet you’re right! I won’t be celebrating Christmas with them as they all have Covid and my MIL. We will be Face Timing them while they open Santa’s gifts and then have them here when they are all out of quarantine and feeling better.

      • Oh no – I was going to ask you how it was going as they’re immersed in the healthcare field (feel free to delete this part of my comment if you wish). I’ll keep everyone in my prayers … lucky you can Face Time. Merry Christmas and stay strong Diane …

      • Thank you Linda. Now for us to get through one more week to make sure we don’t get it. My grandson was throwing up Wednesday night and he stayed with us Thursday through Sunday so we are exposed. So far OK.

      • Oh wow – I didn’t realize you were exposed as well. I was going to ask you before if everyone was okay with this new variant, but I figured your daughter was immersed in the COVID unit since day #1 and okay … I will keep everyone in my prayers.

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