I Love You To The Moon & Back

Today we celebrate our 31st anniversary, however, we wonโ€™t be doing anything

special due to the pandemic. We took our grandkids to the Science Center a few

months ago and there was a moon exhibit. Our 10 year old granddaughter took

this picture of us in front of the moon scene so I thought it was perfect for my

post today. Keep in mind we wore masks so there was no need for make up.

What do you get your parents that have everything, a gigantic sign that covers

the front yard and has a spot light! A very thoughtful gift from our daughter.


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  1. โค๏ธ … Happy-happy anniversary Diane (and husband)! Love your photo … what a brilliant picture to celebrate such a happy day (I may steal this idea)! And wow, that gigantic sign – your daughter just gave you the best present ever!! I wish you many more happy years together xx

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  2. Happy anniversary Diane! What a lovely photo of your and your husband (even without makeup!) and the moon sentiment is wonderfully apt! The gift from your daughter is so heartfelt awesome. Enjoy your special day together!

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  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a terrific photo that is, with without makeup! No amount of makeup would make you two look any happier; that’s a joy that comes from the inside. Hope you have a blissfully wonderful day and a Happy Thanksgiving. Congratulations! ๐Ÿ’• ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŽ‰

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