Libby’s Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Roll is a favorite holiday dessert of mine. A Pumpkin Roll is pumpkin cake that is covered with a cream cheese filling, rolled up and sliced. The thing I love about this pumpkin roll, other than the taste, is that it can be made and frozen ahead of time. Just thaw it out, dust with powdered sugar, slice it and it’s ready to eat. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make a pumpkin roll this is it. Below is my simple step by step directions to make it easier.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a recipe card click HERE.

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    • You’re welcome! Libby’s recipe is my favorite pumpkin roll of any I have tried. I will never make any other again (I have made it forever). I’m sure you will love it as much as we do. ❤️

  1. Always a staple in our house for Canadian Thanksgiving (we celebrated here, just my mom and me). Mom used to make it, but we bought it from Kroger’s toward the end. It looks good. We used to slice it and put it in the freezer – easy to grab just one slice and thaw it.

  2. Looks really yummy!! I’m just a little bit afraid of flipping that cake over … have done something similar and it ended in pieces on the kitchen floor! But your pumpkin roll looks so delicious and certainly worth a try 😊.

  3. i could never make that roll look so perfect lmao, I saw on a cooking show hardly anyone could make that roll perfect like yours is. Do you have any recipes for the Air Fryer, I finally got one and it says you can make everything in it.

    • Awe thank you Sandy, I have made many pumpkin rolls, love them! If you go to the search box on my home page and type air fryer you will see all I have. There are so many good ones.

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