Baked Reuben Casserole


Corned beef, sauerkraut, rye bread, thousand island dressing & Swiss cheese made into an easy casserole that is baked in the oven and tastes delicious! Of the corned beef recipes I have been posting, I think this is my favorite because I get two different kinds of meals from it. I grill rye bread and use a piece of this casserole for a delicious, quick and easy reuben sandwich with the leftovers.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.

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    • I eat the casserole for a meal then freeze the leftovers in sandwich size pieces. Every time I want a reuben sandwich I take a piece out and microwave it the put it on buttered and grilled rye bread. SO good! Thank you Frio!

      • I’m looking forward to it Diane … do you have to make the cake now for the blog and for the “testers” in the house and then make another cake for Easter? 🙂

      • No actually St Patty’s Day is my granddaughter’s birthday. She is having a kids party on her birthday so today for the family party we went over to give her gifts and I took the cake to that. Unfortunately she appears to be getting sick and may have to cancel the party with her friends. Then Thursday night she stays here until Sunday night, guess who will be sick next! 😩

      • A “like” for having your birthday on St. Paddy’s Day – that is always fun. But no “like” to getting sick. Hope it is nothing serious if she must miss her party with her friends today. You are right … you’ll be getting sick next.

      • She stayed home from school in the morning to sleep in and felt better by noon. She went to school and had her party but they all made sure they wore their masks the entire time.

      • Are the kids good about wearing the masks Diane? I am never around kids and at the Park, I go before the kids show up to play on the playscape, so I don’t usually see kids around.

      • Yes they wear them all day at school and when ever they are out. They are so used to it I have to tell them to take it off when they get home from school…lol

      • I keep forgetting they don’t have remote learning. I was thinking kids would fidget with them or try to pull them off. I’ll bet your daughter drills it into them to not touch their face and not remove the mask. I get my shot tomorrow … my grocery store (Meijer) called me over the weekend to set up an appointment for shot #1 of 2 (Moderna).

      • It went so easy Diane. Meijer grocery store was really organized. I registered in February, got the call the second day of my “phase” and could have had it yesterday but it was late in the morning, so made it today instead. Good for you! So will you and Terry plan to take that trip for your 25th anniversary when it is safe to travel?

      • How funny! We starting planning a vacation yesterday. We can’t go after July because my daughter will be in clinicals for her NP school during the week (for 10 months) then works the weekends so we will have the kids a lot. We lost $600 from the cancelled cruise to Hawaii but can use it on a future cruise if it’s before December this year. Not sure where we will go yet.

      • Great minds think alike! Well hopefully you both will be vaccinated and done before July, but I doubt much will open before July. I wonder if you wrote about those extenuating circumstances to the cruise line if you could extend it past December this year, but how long does the weekend work continue for your daughter? Mackenzie (I think you follow her too) is in clinicals now for her NP degree … very intense from what I gather.

      • No we went back and forth with the cruise line. We still lost some money from our deposit and the money they will give us credit for is only available on the ship for things like food, drinks, souvenirs etc. My daughter will work weekends until she gets her NP license. Yes school is very difficult but she has managed an A all this time. She will have 10 months of clinicals, school, work and the kids. I think she is done in June next year. We are all looking forward to that. Then she wants to go on so she can teach nursing. Her brain is like a sponge! Lol

      • I’m “liking” for your daughter’s accomplishments and then wanting to go on after graduation. Oh, to have that ambition and energy again Diane. Sigh. But no “like” for the cruise ship’s policy because a pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence so they should have been flexible in my opinion. People will remember that when they book a new cruise I’ll bet. You will get there … is there a gap when there is a school break and your daughter can take vacation time, thereby allowing you two a little getaway?

      • OK, I see – I thought maybe it was just the particular cruise line. That’s a bummer … well, you were smart to cancel at any rate. Here in Michigan, there was a husband/wife who were on the ship that had COVID cases and were not allowed to dock anywhere and they were floating around for weeks before they could find a “safe harbor” that would take the passengers. He was calling in to the radio station and giving updates daily. We have surges that now surpass post Thanksgiving surges … yikes!

      • Oh, you would not have been a happy person than … well, I think they did not let people out of their staterooms … they were delivered meals and they had to stay put. The people who had fancy/first-class accommodations with a porthole or a little porch were not so bad off, but the people who had a room with no porthole or window were going stir crazy.

    • Yes and freeze the leftovers in sandwich size pieces then all you have to do is thaw a piece in the microwave and grill a piece of rye bread. Put it together and he has a sandwich any time he wants one. My husband doesn’t like reubens so I freeze it for me this way. Lol

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