Elf On The Shelf – Day Two


Do you have the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf? The elf usually shows up on December 1st and the story is that there is a special elf that is sent to your home from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves. Santa’s little helper is watching the children all day long, then at night flies back to the North Pole to tell Santa if they have been naughty or nice. He returns early each morning and hides in a different place. The kids are not aloud to touch the elf in our house, or the magic will be gone and Santa won’t come. On Christmas Day, when Santa delivers all the gifts, he gives the elf a ride back to the North Pole only to return next year.

Since my grandkids are staying at our house, Elfie (what they call the elf) showed up at their mom’s house. We Face Timed Elfie and my grandson told Elfie he needs to fly to Grandma and Papa’s house. Lo and behold, Elfie did that while we were gone. The kids found him on the kitchen counter inside a Santa hat. They were so excited. When they woke up in the morning they looked for his hiding place, which they do every day. They found him in the refrigerator, wrapped up in a blanket to keep warm, next to my coffee cream! I had all eyes on me when I made my coffee because they were afraid I was going to touch him and ruin the magic!

So as you can see, this pandemic, as awful as it is, has been pure pleasure having our grandkids here to keep them safe. I will post a picture every time Elfie hides, in a unique way, to share the magic.


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  1. No that is German old Black Forest kids tale around 1230 c. Lots of Germanic went to USA before either war so caught on but not in England my native home.We had a castle ghost as kids .Christmas it would roam the east wing of dad house. I was a studios child loving history of my family .This grew to love stories . Coming from Englands oldest family I came across great great grandfathers diary of 1812. In which not only does he write of Napoleon in Moscow but how he had to invent a suitable ghost to help his security at fall of night from pouchers and kids after plants from our gardens to give as presents to parents from our village. So by the age of 12 I had the power to go outside where my sisters would not at night close hen houses down in fields .I would but not before I read his notes on keeping the thieves at bay .You see even the villagers would talk of Lady Grey who committed suicide when her son was killed at Waterloo .Or the one about her having an affair with Lord Parr and had child who died in womb. I just smiled and said best keep to your own as land of Castle is haunted not just be her but the Roman Army from Seuter Fell have to cross our forested land . It was fun as boy to put the fear of God into them. Now days I can understand why my ancestor that old General made up that story. Not as good perhaps as your Elf from Northpole but as real the element of story. Never told this story to anyone before only into my diary it went

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  2. I love the Elf tradition Diane! Although I must say I’m a little disappointed with your refrigerator, it’s so darn clean, I could never put an Elf in mine! It almost makes me want to clean but not quite! Enjoy those grandkids! C


  3. Very clever idea putting Elf on the Shelf in the fridge – the kids will love this. We never did it as I was older when we even heard of “Elfie” – I never remember seeing anything about Elf on the Shelf when I was young, growing up in Canada, so maybe we didn’t have him over there?


  4. Oh, Diane, this is precious!! I have not heard of this sweet, sweet story. It would be such fun to start with our family! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Such a cute tradition. I never knew the whole story. It’s like hunting for Easter eggs over and over and over. Such fun. Thank you for sharing your joy.


  6. We use to do “Elf on a Shelf” when my daughters were young. It is sad how fast they grow up. I have a 20 year old and a 15 year old. Where did the years go by? Diane, please check out my latest post. I have a poll! Happy Holidays!

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