Turkey “Savory” Brine

Last year I used this brine for our Thanksgiving turkey. It had a mild savory taste and it was very moist. Brining a turkey gives it that wow factor and is definitely worth the time to brine.

To see the step by step directions with a recipe card click HERE.


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  1. I didn’t know about turkey, so thank you for the recipe. A chicken kept in brine for several hours is better and juicier.
    Best wishes

      • I never thought about duck, great idea since I love duck! Thank you it’s been a week already that the grandkids have lived here and I think we have them broke in to the rules and we have a schedule. It will be hard when they go back home for sure but it will be quite a while. Love all those hugs and kisses! Thank you Ab!

  2. with only 6 of is, maybe I’ll give it a whirl. would I still cook the turkey the same way? usually i turn up on 450 or 500 and turn down and cook a short time and it’s perfect and sooo moist. any cooking recipes are greatly appreciated and stuffing too. ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 Cindy

    • I would rather have chicken than turkey and day. However, turkey has been a family tradition my entire life (and that’s a long time!) Turkey meat is too dry for me which is why I love to brine it. It tastes so much moisture to me. This brine would be delicious with chicken too.

  3. We never had turkey (except for a turkey breast only or a turkey roll) because it was just three (then two) of us. I see your comment above … my mom would say the same about turkey being too dry. She preferred a roast chicken; my father liked duck or cornish hens. I just ate what was put on my plate when I was a kid … no choice in the matter. 🙂

    • I’m having my husband stop at Sam’s Club and picking up a couple of their rotisserie chickens on Wednesday. I really do not want to cook since we were suppose to go to my sons house. I will make mashed potatoes and gravy and Stove Top stuffing with a veggie. They won’t care and I need a break…lol

      • Yes, COVID cheated you out of a day off Diane! Bummer! So, make it quick and easy and that’s a good idea with the rotisserie chicken. I’ve never been to Sam’s Club but I’ve had Meijer’s rotisserie chicken and they are wonderful. I used to get it more in Summer and get cold salads from the deli – it’s been about a decade since I did that.

      • That’s a good idea! When you go past the warming oven in the store when they’ve been put out, or they’re cooking them in the back, your stomach starts to growl. I usually go grocery shopping in the morning, so I rarely smell them – they don’t start cranking them out til around 11:00 a.m. to noon. Hope your dinner was delicious and everyone gobbled til they wobbled!

      • They were loving their grandmother’s cooking and so much is made of the bird and the trimmings at Thanksgiving, they were grateful for that dinner. I did have a nice dinner – crockpot, best idea ever thanks to you!

      • Ha ha – the best I can do is my crockpot wonders for now, although I want to try that Bisquick mix I bought for a dessert and even a savory bread (both in the crockpot) over the Winter. I’ll take a photo if it doesn’t fail (remembering that I burnt slice-and-bake cookies one time). 🙂

  4. I used your recipe to brine my 19 pound heritage turkey (mostly, I didn’t have rosemary so I substituted bay leaf, which isn’t really a substitute but it’s what I had). Best turkey I’ve ever made. Your brine was fantastic. I’d never considered using vegetable stock before, and it makes a big difference!

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