Family Night Zoo Lights


This Christmas Eve I will be busy preparing for Christmas Day at my house. So instead of a recipe, I thought I would share with you pictures of our visit to the zoo (with all of our grandchildren). It wasn’t too cold and a perfect family night, everything was so beautiful.

Below is a short video of the lights followed by a few pictures at the zoo..













Merry Christmas Eve!


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  1. Very festive Diane! I think they do this at our zoo too and I’ve never been but would like to one day. I live about 10 miles from Greenfield Village (a/k/a “The Henry Ford”) and they have their old-time village set up with lights on the old houses and they have people dressed in period costume to look like Charles Dickens’ characters or old-fashioned carolers going door to door. I would like to go there one time – it is all at night, like your event, but every night at exactly 9:50 p.m., they have fireworks that they shoot off … this happens for about three weeks.

  2. Is that the lovely man who preps your bacon for you? Mr. Kitchen? Lovely lights at the zoo… though the Polar Bear could care less. Merry Christmas Diane. Wrote a new Christmas Story just now. Are the grand kids still there and UP? Great read… if you can find one or two. Promise… might even bring on a tear or two.

    • Yes that is Mr. Kitchen! Doesn’t he look thrilled to have his picture taken? Hahahaha Seeing the lights with my 3 grandkids, son, daughter in law and husband made for a wonderful night! The 2 grandkids have been here since Thursday and left at 8:30 pm tonight. They will be back Monday night. I read your story and it was wonderful and perfect for their ages 5 & 8. You did an awesome job! I will read it to them went they come back tomorrow. I will have them until Wednesday at noon then they come back Thursday night. Holidays are exhausting! lol

      • I think I’d prefer your exhausting holidays over mine. QuickBooks and getting 6 months of paperwork in order… For the first time as this is all new. At least now I can see why I have so much CC debt but have raw materials and inventory to back it up 🤨 and am told that makes it OK. NEVER want to be in a backorder situation as a new company.

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