Our 29th Anniversary


Last night we celebrated our 29th anniversary at Don’s Pomeroy House (a mansion turned into a restaurant) in Strongsville, Ohio. I surprised my husband with this trip out of town and it turned out to be the best food either of us had ever tasted from a restaurant. I ordered a  lobster tail, scallops, crab dip, crab salad, lobster mashed potatoes and more. Do you see a pattern? By the time my main meal arrived I barely touched it and had to take it home because I was so full.

When I called for a reservation I told them I wanted a somewhat more private table because it was our anniversary. We were waiting for our check when the waiter surprised us with a gigantic dinner plate size éclair and said Happy Anniversary! We both took a bite and had them box it up to take home too. It was the best tasting éclair we had ever tasted!

Although Don’s Pomeroy is pricey, every bite was worth it and the service was amazing. We used our knife to butter our bread and the waiter brought us a clean knife for our meal. He was professional, knew the food well, not annoying by bothering us too much and cute too!






We sat at the booth to the far left because I asked for a more private table. There were only a couple of booths.



Our crab appetizer with fried pita bread. We could have made a meal out of this!


Delicious warm, fresh, homemade bread and butter.


My husbands Pomeroy House Salad.


My Caesar’s Crab Salad with a crisp parmesan basket.


We both opted for the New Bedford Scallops served with lobster mashed potatoes and a lobster bisque sauce. The scallops were pan seared and fabulous! I added a lobster tail to my meal.


This is Matt, our wonderful waiter! I told you he is cute.


I took a trip to the restroom which was downstairs.


Talk about a fancy restroom!


Also downstairs is the pub. Here they serve bar like food but you can also order off the same menu we did. It was packed by the time we left. In the summer they even serve at an outside patio. This place accommodates everyone.





If you are ever in this area and want to eat at a 5 star restaurant, this is it! We will be making this our special occasion spot from now on!



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  1. The restaurant looks beautiful and I love scallops. Never tried lobster. We don’t really have much in the way of small harbours in the UK any more, but that whole north coast of France is full of ’em. Happy Anniversary!

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  2. WOW!!!!! Happy 29th Anniversary!!!
    That place looks amazing! Everything about it totally reminds me of eating and the prices of the restaurants we went to in New Orleans! And… yes, I am always full before the real meal gets to the table!
    Looks like an incredibly awesome waiter!

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  3. Mazel Tov! Happy Anniversary!!

    I love places like this. Festive, warm, accommodating, neighborly and easily worth the price of admission.

    The food looks mouth-watering, and I want to try everything on the menu.

    Well played.

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  4. What a nice review – you should send it to them Diane. The food looked delicious and the Christmas decor was so tasteful. What an exquisite place to dine and especially for a special celebration – congratulations!

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  5. Spoiling yourself by letting a pro cook for your anniversary is what Helen and I always try to do. We’re both good cooks. But, we get to enjoy each other’s home-cooking 364 days a year. Change can be useful. And we live in small town restaurant heaven.

    Santa Fe.

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  6. What a wonderful review, Diane! I am so happy your celebrated in a special way, because you two ARE special! Happy Anniversary! I think i am going to write this down for next year, Maybe Ted’s birthday!

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  7. Happy anniversary! What a cool place and delicious looking food, oh my! We’re celebrating our 29th in March. Oh yea, love their Christmas decorations. And I’ll have the lamb chops please. 🙂

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