Hocking Hills Day Trip – Part One


Wednesday was the most gorgeous fall day ever, 74 degrees and sunshine. We drove for three hours to get to our destination and I have a lot of the most beautiful pictures from there which I will post tomorrow. Today I will show you the two places we ate, a pencil sharpening museum and the injury my husband got while at our main destination.



Our first stop was at the Millstone BBQ. They opened at 11:00 am we got there about 11:10 am. By the time we left they were very busy. After tasting the food we understood why! They seated us promptly and the waitress was wonderful.



Their prices were reasonable for the amount of food they give you.



I had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich which came with fries and I ordered a side of coleslaw. While we waited for the meal to arrive they brought us four complimentary mini cornbread muffins that tasted amazing. We devoured them so fast I forgot to take a picture.



Here is their business card should you ever get in the area.



A few minutes from the restaurant was a Welcome Center. At the Welcome Center was a small building sitting outside.



Next to the building was this plaque.





When we went inside there were three walls with show cases filled with pencil sharpeners.



This plaque was on the wall.

We went inside the Welcome Center and then headed for our day trip.



While doing our day trip my husband had a trip of his own. Luckily he didn’t need medical attention and it looks worse than it really was.



After our day trip we were still full from lunch so we decided to stop at the Der Dutchman Amish Restaurant a few hours away. They also had a bakery and other items for sale in their store.



This was my husbands plate of food and it was delicious as it always is when we visit here. Included with the buffet was a salad bar along with two kinds of soup. Dessert was extra if you wanted it. You could also order off of the menu.



Outside they had these beautiful hanging plants. I had to take a picture because it appears that they water them from the gutter somehow. Every hanging plant had a small hose from the gutter to the hanging plant.

Check in tomorrow to see our main destination and one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


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  1. Great trip and thanks for taking us along!

    I can’t believe there’s so many pencil sharpeners!!

  2. That pencil sharpener museum looks way more fun than it sounds 🙂

    I think the watering system for the hanging plants is that water runs down the cable when it’s raining and gets directed to the soil (whereas any rain that lands directly on the plant will just hit the flowers and won’t make it to the soil). Just a guess.

    • Yes the museum had so many pencil sharpeners. I even remembered some from my childhood.

      That’s what I thought too but the water has to go over the gutter making it not feasible since gravity can’t go up and over the gutter. I should have asked!

      • I don’t think the water necessarily comes from the gutter–I think just rain landing on it might be enough. Either that or the gutters are blocked and water runs out the top anyway, so they’re trying to direct it down the cable. I don’t know but now it’s bugging me lol

  3. I haven’t seen a pencil sharpener collection quite like that.

    Hope hubby’s knee is better. I had trip about a month ago and needed 5 stitches in my knee. It’s going t leave a scar.

    Thanks for sharing your future memories.

    • Oh no! I hope it healed up ok. After ACL surgery on one knee and MCL surgery on other knee I had scars. Then I had both knees replaced so I am stuck with long scars…lol My hubby is fine. He’s ego was hurt more than his knee..lol

    • It was so beautiful! But with all we saw there was no wildlife. My husband said he saw a chipmunk but that’s it. No bugs, birds….nothing! I think it’s because of all the rocks.

  4. Nice day! I love the idea of a pencil sharpener museum. It’s the little things… 🙂 also, this sentence happens to us a lot, LOL: “We devoured them so fast I forgot to take a picture.”

  5. Looks like a fun trip, and hopefully your husband’s trip and fall is in the rear view mirror and no issues other than bruising. You had good weather – last week sure was gorgeous weatherwise so you picked a good time to go. Interesting about the pencil sharpener collection too.

    • Yes the weather was perfect! We were supposed to go the week before but it was 94 degrees. We weren’t hiking in that! As nasty as his knee looked it wasn’t that bad. He didn’t even limp and it happened at the beginning of the hike. Thanks Linda!

  6. Yummm! That BBQ place looks awesome! & how cool is that Pencil Sharpener museum?! I’m glad your hubs wasn’t hurt any worse than the scrape! Thanks so much for sharing, Diane!

    • You’re welcome! The BBQ place was so good we said it would be worth driving 3 hours to go there. That’s when our mouths were full…lol Now that we are home a 6 hour drive for food is ridiculous! 🤣😂🤣😂

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