Rhubarb Strawberry Crunch



Rhubarb and Strawberry are just meant to be together! Top them off with a delicious crumb topping and you have an amazing dessert. I look forward to May every year so I can get my annual fix of rhubarb.

Click on the link below to view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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      • Oh for goodness sake – they break off all the stalks that way don’t they? All these outside critters in the gardens are a pain sometimes – even the bugs. I had slugs so bad one Summer, I spent a small fortune on “Sluggo” and bought these ceramic mushrooms that you filled with beer – the yeast was supposed to attract the slugs and they would drown in it. It was messy and didn’t catch that many slugs, so I ended up not using them. You had to rinse out the canisters every day and bury them back in the garden, fill them with beer, then put the mushroom cap on and supposedly the slugs would come slithering over.

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      • Never had a problem with slugs. Moles make tunnels all over the yard/garden. Not only does the yard look horrible because the tunnels they make push the ground upward like mini mounds, but when they tunnel through any plant life it leaves an air pocket at the roots which dries out the roots and kills the plants.


      • I have something weird in my front yard at the City property – it started last year and looks like a mound but big enough that it looks like a burial mound – raised high. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never seen any critters in it – maybe they come out at night? The slugs are a real pain – they chew everything and leave holes in flowers and leaves.

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      • Sounds like a mole! They dig out the dirt to make their runs and then push the dirt out of the ground making a mound. They are so destructive to yards. They make tunnels then worms and grubs drop into the tunnel and they eat away. You won’t see moles in yards that are treated for bugs because then the moles won’t have anything to eat.

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      • After you said that I was thinking of the expression “making a mountain out of a molehill” and I thought it looks like a gravesite, like something is underneath the grass and the grass is sparse there. So, after you said “moles” I Googled “image of a mole hill” … it is not like the mole hill, this is more like an actual mound of earth … strange looking. I will take a picture to show you – it will be a few days – stormy day tomorrow, eye doctor appointment Thursday morning. Maybe you’ve seen this oddity before.

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      • Pouring out right now and tomorrow I have the eye doc appointment so will do it Friday or Saturday – it is like a new grave in how it goes up in the air. Hope no one buried a body there one night. 🙂

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