Heavenly Hash


Made with only four ingredients (marshmallows, pineapple, cream cheese and whipping cream) it is the most creamy wonderful dessert for any occasion. Make it the night before and refrigerate it to serve the next day. A great holiday dessert!

Click on the link below for the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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  1. Holy smokes…This looks delicious…Being that it is so easy to make I am going to try it..I think I can handle it…Ha P.S. Diane I want to make a flourless cake…Do you have recipe for that?

    • Diane. I made it for my mother for mother’s day and she absolutely loved it… I did as “Diane directed” and made sure I made it the night before… You are absolutely right this was so easy to make an very delicious even my father loved it and he is tough to impress…Lol.. I renamed it though LOL I call it “Diane’s Cloud 9”..A… Because it is so dang addictively delicious and B.. because they look like a bunch of white fluffy clouds and when you’re eating it you’re on Cloud 9 LOL… Thank you and looking forward to more of your amazing recipes

      • I am so glad they loved it Chrissy and I love your new name for this delicious recipe! Thank you for your sweet comment and making me smile today!!!!

    • Yes you are right! It is so creamy and good Linda!
      Took a walk yesterday and saw a ton of squirrel, woodchuck, swan, geese, wood ducks, chipmunk, blue jays, cardinals, robins etc.
      It was a beautiful wildlife day.

      • That sounds so nice Diane. I’ve never seen wood ducks here, in any of the parks where I go. Once we get into May and things green up, I’d like to explore some other parks that have more wildlife. I follow Metroparks and Michigan State Parks on Facebook and people see all types of different ducks – those wood ducks sure have gorgeous plumage. And I’ve never seen a chipmunk believe it or not. I’m glad your client is enjoying her walks so you can get out in the middle of the day and enjoy them too.

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