Safely Defrost Your Frozen Turkey


DO NOT thaw your turkey on the counter! What is the best way to defrost it? How long will it take to defrost?With Thanksgiving coming I thought I would share the post I made last year about safely defrosting your turkey. The most important thing about cooking for your loved ones is food safety! Depending on the size of your turkey, it could take days to properly thaw your turkey in the refrigerator so make sure you prepare ahead of time.

If you click on the link below it will take you to my original post with all the information to “Safely Defrost Your Frozen Turkey” and how long that will take.

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  1. I usually start thawing it 2 or 3 days ahead of time in a cooler. I brine the bird in apple juice contained in a plastic bag and ice outside the bag.
    If you wait to buy the turkey until a few days before cooking it and use this approach, it doesn’t take up space in your freezer.
    The real magic happens on the smoker as that apple juice brine cooks the meat like a steam cooker. So juicy and tender. 🦃

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  2. Yes big problem at Christmas time for all of us just not enough hours in the day to manage. I try to buy close to day from farm near by but if not it has to be bought and frozen. I am thinking about breeding turkeys again as eggs can be hatched under my hens. One has to watch for blackhead otherwise. I would have six for us and friends as presents that will help better than traditional items. Thank you again for supporting my blog.

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