Beef Jerky



My granddaughter informed me it was time to make Beef Jerky again. This recipe is delicious and my favorite one. Jerky can be made in a dehydrator, like I do, or it can be baked or smoked. Jerky is expensive to buy and inexpensive to make your own, so give it a try!


This is what I made this past weekend minus about 3 full handfuls that my 7 year old granddaughter devoured!

I have included the link for the recipe below from my original post.


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      • We had a client who was an avid hunter and every year he would throw a “wild game dinner” for all his vendors and his CPA and attorney. So Robb (my boss) went every year and he told me about all the different wild game he tried and how it was prepared. They had a chef come in to do some prep on site and serve etc. I used to ride to work with someone in the building (the last year before I started working at home … buses were terrible so I found a ride and paid him what I would pay in double bus far) … anyway, this guy never bought meat or fish – hunted/fished and had four freezers in his garage. He used to work at a butcher’s shop in deer-hunting season so knew about preparing the kill – he told me he would have the deer hanging on hooks in the garage while he got them ready to dress (I think that was the word) … his sons hunted, so he did all their meat too, And he and his buddies went to Georgia pig hunting every February.

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      • Wow that’s crazy! I can imagine the smell in his garage though…yikes! I have always seen them hanging outside. I would love to go to his dinner. I love trying different types of foods and prepared different ways. Thank you for sharing that!

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      • You should see if there is a wild game dinner restaurant in your area. This client did the event every November for years. My boss was his labor attorney for years and a good friend. Howard had a heart attack and died while I was still working on site maybe in 2004-2005. He was one of my favorite client who always chitchatted on the phone when he called for Robb and we had just moved to our office (just my boss and me) and Howard was quite the computer geek – sometimes I’d e-mail him to ask him questions that I couldn’t figure out and he was happy to help me. But this was his baby every year and he held it in the plant, had the food catered in and a chef on hand with a helper. Howard always had it on a certain date, and I think it may have been his birthday, so people could put it on their calendar in advance so they wouldn’t miss it. Just for the heck of it, I just Googled “wild game dinners near me” and a bunch of events came up, some for charity. You are Ohio, if I remember correctly Diane? Try it and see if you can come up with something, especially as hunting season begins.

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      • Oh, and one time he/his son went hunting during firearms deer hunting season (11/15 to 11/30 for us here in Michigan) and they got back late Sunday night. He came to pick me up in the morning and said “I know you’re an animal lover, so don’t be looking under the tarp in the back of my trunk as there are a couple of deer back there.” It was cold out, so no danger of them spoiling, same as in the garage – cold in there, though I am really a stickler for things not in the fridge. If my power goes out like it did back in June, I take no chances after a certain amount of time. Especially if hot like it was when I lost power on June 18th for 15 hours. When I worked at the diner, a high school classmate used to come in there – he was an EMT and he used to stop for coffee on the way to work. One day he came in and said he and the other tech ate burgers on their shift and the mayo/sauce must have been sitting out … they both got very sick and had to go to the E.R.

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