Preserving Garden Herbs


Before the cold weather gets here I cut my herbs and preserve them. I have been using my fresh herbs all summer but now it’s time to preserve what is left. I preserve my herbs by dehydrating them and storing them in airtight containers. For the last two days I have dehydrated my sage, thyme and rosemary. I still have parsley to do….a LOT of parsley!

Last year I did a blog all about dehydrating herbs. It is a very informative blog about different methods of dehydrating herbs and which method is the best for certain herbs . Go ahead and check it out and see how simple it is to Preserve Garden Herbs.

Here is the link to last years blog:











After I dry my herbs, I remove the leaves

from the stems and crush them in a bag.

I will store my dried herbs in an

air tight container in a dark cupboard.


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  1. Sturdy herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme I simply drop loosely by the branch into a paper bag. I might toss them occasionally in the bag, but mostly leave them alone and they dry out nicely in a week or so. I use the dehydrator for the more tender herbs like basil, parsley, chives etc.

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  2. I love drying my own herbs. I usually just cut them and bundle – about 4 stems each – and then hang them up in my dark pantry.

    Juicier herbs like parsley I usually freeze with a tiny bit of water in these old fashioned ice cube trays. Once I want to use them I just toss the herb cubes in my soup or sauce.

    Many greetings from Virginia, ivonne

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    • That is a great idea with freezing the parsley. I grew some last year but used most all of it and didn’t have enough to dehydrate. This year we planted two kinds and I have plenty. I have a large dehydrator with 9 trays so I’m hoping to get a lot dried.


  3. What a wonderfully useful post. I just love you to bits!🤗 These are the type of tips we all need to know and practice. Here in Egypt the sun takes care of a lot of the drying. We are making units similar to your hydrator to dry all sorts of fruits, vegetables and of course herbs too. 😊

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  4. Do you dry basil as well? I usually make pesto and freeze it b/c I’d heard basil loses so much of it’s flavor dried that it’s not really worth it. Not sure if that true with sweet basil, but this year I did dry some Thai basil and the flavor held up just fine.

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    • Yes I do basil every year…except this year. We bought it from the nursery but they messed up the label and its not the basil I love. I actually made pesto from dried basil and thought it was good last year! I LOVE basil! I am so disappointed I don’t have any to dehydrate😢

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