Turkey Cooking Facts & Safety

Are you in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey this year? What size turkey should you buy to have enough to feed everyone? What temperature should the oven be? What temperature should the turkey be when it is done? What if it is stuffed?

When determining what size turkey to cook, figure one pound per person if you have light eaters and you don’t want any leftovers. Otherwise, figure 1-1/2 pounds of  turkey per person. This weight includes the weight of the carcass. If you are right on the edge of buying another turkey, buy a turkey breast instead. That way you will definitely have enough.

Below is information off the USDA Food and Safety Inspection website. If you don’t see your question answered here, give them a call!





There are so many different ways to fix a turkey. You can brine, marinate, bake it in the oven, put it on a rotisserie, deep fry, cook in a paper bag, smoked it and so on. Whatever way you cook yours, as long as you don’t undercook it or over cook it, it will taste great. Each year, try a new way of cooking your turkey until you find the one that is perfect for you!

Everyone have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving dinner!


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