Fruit Fly Solution


Don’t you hate that time of the year when the Fruit Flies invade your kitchen? Landing on your food is disgusting! It seems like they are everywhere and you can’t get rid of them! You won’t get rid of them completely unless you throw out your ripe produce or put the ripe produce in the refrigerator and who wants to do that! There are many different methods for killing those annoying little flies. I read about them all and I tried a lot of the methods. I have used this method for years and it works as good as all of the other methods that I have tried and it is easy to do. It doesn’t get rid of all of them but it does keep the population way down. The flies in the bowl above was from one day.




Add vinegar and 3 drops of dishwashing liquid to a bowl.


Mix with a fork.


Set the bowl on the counter and wait for them to go swimming. They are highly attracted to vinegar. Add the dish soap and it creates a type of film that will keep them from being able to fly back out and then they drown.

Fruit Fly Solution


2 cups apple cider vinegar

3 drops dishwashing liquid


Pour the vinegar into a bowl. Add dishwashing liquid and mix with a fork. Set the bowl on the counter near the produce. Let it sit there until the vinegar is full of fruit flies or until the fruit flies are gone.

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  1. Thank you for the follow—so timely today with your fruit fly solution. I keep a compost container in the kitchen and that seems to attract more of them. I’ll set a dish of vinegar/Dawn right beside that container!

  2. OK, we’re a typical geek family. So, I just emailed this article to my wife who’s sitting 5 feet away at her desk in our study – while I’m at mine readying a blog post for tomorrow morning. Since she’s lurking in her favorite online forum, I don’t want to interrupt. But, fruit flies are as much of a pain in our home as any other. All remedies are worth a try. 😉

    • If you have a lot of them, put a few bowls around. I have also pour bleach down my sink drains before going to bed. Have you noticed they disappear at night? They say they go to the drains at night and by pouring bleach down the drain it kills them. After you pour the bleach in close the drain to keep the smell of bleach from coming out. I only do this when I have a lot of fruit flies because the vinegar and dish soap usually takes care of them. Now get back to your blog…lol

  3. Thank you! I really need this! The best way I’ve found to keep fruit flies to a minimum is don’t compost (which I prefer to do) and keep a cover on the garbage disposal at all times except when it’s in use. I also bought those little apples that have something sweet in them that the fruit flies are supposed to be attracted to and then they can’t get out. But I still have fruit flies. In fact, there’s always one that actually follows me around!! So I am happily going to try this. I hope balsamic vinegar will work just as well.

  4. Wow, that’s really cool! And a lot simpler than what I’ve been doing: the same solution in a jar with a paper cone in it. We had a bad infestation of them last year. They were even going after my coffee!

    • The dish soap makes it so they get stuck and drown. I used to use just vinegar and poke small holes through plastic wrap that I had on top of the bowl. They squeeze through the holes going down and can’t find the holes getting back out…except in my house…hahaha

  5. I’ve been using something similar for several years now and find it works wonders! I use smaller amounts due to having to change it often when too many flies collect in it. Just FYI – 1/3 cup ACV, 1 drop Dawn, 1T. water. Stir and set out. I set it right next to my compost basket and it really works.

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