Fried Okra


I just love all the delicious free food from our garden! I made this Fried Okra loaded with bacon and parmesan cheese for lunch, however, my almost 3 year old grandson devoured half of it! I discovered Okra for the first time last year when my husband planted it in the garden. I loved it so he planted more this year. I have tried it many different ways and they are all delicious! I am hoping to have a good crop this year so I can freeze some for soup this winter.


Ingredients (I keep cooked and crumbled bacon in my freezer and bacon grease in the refrigerator so you will need to follow the instructions below for using uncooked bacon). I did not show the bacon in the ingredients..sorry! I have bacon grease in the small container.


Wash Okra and cut the ends off.


Slice Okra into 1/4″ pieces. I just love the star shape!


Mix Parmesan cheese, salt and cornmeal in a bowl. Add Okra and stir to coat Okra.


Fry bacon reserving grease. Chop into small pieces and return to the pan. Add Okra and any crumbs in the bowl to the pan.


Fry over medium heat until crumb coating turns golden brown.


Fried Okra



1-1/2 cup sliced okra

1 Tbl parmesan cheese

2 Tbl corn meal

3 pieces bacon

1/4 tsp salt


Fry bacon until almost cooked through. Remove pan from the heat. Remove the  bacon pieces leaving grease in the pan. Chop bacon into small pieces and return to the pan. Wash and pat Okra dry. Cut off the ends and discard. Slice the rest about 1/4″ thick, set aside. In a bowl mix cheese, cornmeal and salt. Add Okra pieces and stir to coat Okra. Over medium heat, heat up the bacon grease and bacon in the pan and add all of the Okra mixture. Cook until crumbs are golden brown and Okra is tender, stirring frequently.



  1. That sounds divine! I love okra, but have to admit I’ve only ever had it plain fried or in soups. Not sure my okra is going to make it this year (it’s my first year), but I may have to hit a local farmer’s market so I can cook some of this up. Yum!

    • HAHAHA yes it most definitely is! We cook 2# of bacon at a time, crumble it and keep it in the freezer for whenever we need to add it to a recipe. Thaws immediately and works great! I also filter and strain my bacon grease and use it to cook! Amazing flavor!

  2. No and it has it’s own taste. Hard to explain what it tastes like but it is mild. It is in soups a lot of times. It is the strangest vegetable. When you cut it raw it has this sticky liquid. I could never eat it raw. Yet when you cook it, the liquid goes away and leaves the best tasting vegetable! I love the star shape it has when it is cut!

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