Fusionbrands Silicone Food Pod Cooking Basket and Strainer


Another amazing gadget that I have no regrets buying! I just had to share my experience  with you. I remember seeing it on TV many years ago and they said that celebrities loved it! While shopping at Amish Country I came across it and thought I would give it a try. It’s not cheap for such a simple silicone basket but it is worth the money. It sells for about $15.00 at Amazon. I don’t remember what I paid for it but here is how you use it.


Boil a large pot of water.


Place whatever you are cooking inside the basket…..potatoes, vegetables……whatever you normally have to strain. But….keep in mind the size of the holes in the strainer. You obviously can’t put small food like peas in the basket or they will just fall out. I just cooked fresh green beans in mine that I cut into bite size pieces and even a few of them slipped through the holes. Hook the handle on the edge of the pan, through the pans handle or however you want to keep the basket handle from falling back into the hot water. Boil for whatever time you would normally cook for. It stays submerged by itself.


Take the handle and slowly lift the basket out of the hot water and it drains itself. This was so easy to use. I was blanching my green beans so this made it so easy to plunge into ice water too! I definitely give this Fusionbrands Silicone Food Pod Cooking Basket and Strainer a thumbs up!

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