7 Layer Dip

This is as tasty as it can be healthy. If you use fat-free or low-fat ingredients (optional) this can be very healthy to eat. A few years back I took a client to our Metro Parks for a class on healthy eating. This is what the instructor made but I changed a few of the ingredients to our taste. Although I have this listed as an appetizer, we eat it as a meal. It is so simple to throw together and very good!

7 Layer Dip



1 can refried beans

1 jar salsa

diced tomatoes

taco cheese, shredded

sour cream

onion, diced

lettuce, shredded

scoops or tortilla chips


I did not list the size or quantity of the ingredients. Add as much as you feel you will like of each ingredient. Some may like more tomatoes, cheese etc. so customize this they way you will like it.

In a small sauce pan, heat refried beans. Place hot beans on a serving plate. Immediately add shredded cheese. Pour salsa over cheese. Add diced tomatoes, onion, sour cream and lettuce. Place scoops or tortilla chips around the outside edge for dipping and serve immediately.






Categories: Snacks/Appetizers

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