Green Onions or Scallions?

What do you call them? For me they are called Green Onions, however, did you know that there is no difference in the two because they are the same thing! What you call them all comes down to where you are from. Did you also know that green onions are actually immature common full size onions. I find it funny because I do not like raw mature onions and I love Green Onions raw in dishes and as a garnish. Naturally it is because of their mild taste. Green Onions are from the Allium family and can be found year round in the stores.

The Green Onions in the picture above are almost two weeks old and have not been washed yet. As you can see they lose their color as they get older. If you store them in a glass with about 1″ of water and cover them with a plastic bag, they last for days! Make sure you remove any rubber bands holding them together. Even though these do not look perfect, they are still crisp and taste good. I used these for garnish, cutting off the tops. Since they are losing their color and getting old we will use the rest of them in salads and buy more. There is only about 5 calories in one entire medium Green Onion.

If you use Green Onions in a recipe, one Green Onion will equal about two tablespoons of Green Onion when cut up. To prepare Green Onions, rinse them well and remove any brown or bad spots. Cut off the roots and cut off about 1″ of the tops. Lay them flat and thinly slice the white onion bulb and the green top. When I slice the white bulb, I separate the center sections for more visual appeal. So grab a bunch of Green Onions or even grow your own for a great mild tasting onion.

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